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    Diablo Immortal Shadow Guide: How To Win The Shadow Lottery And Join The Shadow’s Faction

    Diablo Immortal is a game full of rich lore, blood and gore, and within these hellish entities exist two factions: the Immortals and the Shadowmen. They both felt important to the progression and gameplay of the game. In our Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery guide, we'll show how to enter the faction, invite other shadows, and what to do once you've entered the faction. Welcome to the Diablo Immortal Shadow Guide to learn how to become immortal faster. Players can purchase in-game gems and gear through Diablo Immortal Platinum to improve their combat abilities.

    What are the shadow factions in Diablo?
    Within the game itself, Diablo players will encounter two main factions: the undead and the shadow faction. Players can join this faction, and there will be some quests they must complete while still maintaining their clan rank. They are free to invite other friends or players to their servers, and once their shadow level increases, they will start focusing on maintaining and increasing their house level in shadow. These clans have a capacity of 100 players and can also do quests to level up. There will also be PvP battles for the top 10 Shadow Lottery clans at the highest tier of Diablo Immortal, with the winners becoming the Immortal Clan and joining the Immortal. Factions are an important aspect of a player's progression, and while they can still get into the game without a faction, joining a faction itself is always a solid option.
    How to win the shadow lottery and become the immortal shadow faction of Diablo
    To join the Shadow in Diablo Immortal, players must play the Shadow Lottery and win on multiple levels. Here is the basic process of how to become a shadow:
    1. Reach level 43 and complete Bielephan's storyline quest.
    2. Return to the Westmarch Tavern at 12pm, 6pm or 9pm server time.
    3. There is one hour for each draw.
    4. Talk to the mysterious patron inside, to the right of Bartender Bailey.
    5. After the draw is over, you will receive an inbox notifying you if you have been invited.
    6. If you win, go back to the mysterious Patronus and talk to him to start the Shadow Valor quest.
    7. Talk to the bartender Bailey to get the quest contract.
    8. Enter the court of whispers behind the Patronus and kill all enemies on the bloody path.
    9. After that, raid Fyggus' Sanctuary and collect 30 Essentia from slain enemies.
    10. Kill three ancient warriors for the Patronus and get Akbar's Emblem.
    11. Show a badge to the mysterious Patronus when you want to join the shadows.
    Obviously it's not an easy process, and the original shadow lottery element itself is entirely chance-based and needs to be repeated over and over again if players want a chance of winning. That is, players can try as many times as they want, and if they show up at the above times, they have 3 attempts per day.
    How do I invite players to the Shadow Zone using Akeba's Seal?
    Another way to join Shadows without the draws and trials is to be invited by an existing member who can spend a spare Akeba's Seal to bring players in. Just select their character profile and there's an option to invite them to the Shadowlands, and you'll even get some rewards for inviting them, including some Diablo Immortal Handles. Players who want another Akeba's Signet to invite others to join can effectively repeat the Shadow Lottery and trial process to get more Akeba's Signet (with no other benefit to existing members), thereby expanding Shadows membership accordingly.
    In short, players need to collect Diablo Immortal Gold to quickly level up and improve the ranking to have a chance to enter the final game of Diablo Immortal.
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