NBA 2K19 VC Top Up

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    NBA 2K19 VC Top Up
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    NBA 2K19 VC Top Up

    NBA 2K19 VC Fast Boosting Service on 5MMO.COM.
    1. 24/7 online support can provide you Pro and even the world's most favorable gaming services!
    2. NBA 2K19 VC PC Fast boosting can Complete 200K VC in 24 hours, safety ensured.
    3. Please Fill In Correct Account And Pasword So That Our Team Could Login Through Your Account To Deliver.
    4. If We Could Not Login Through Your Game, We Would Have Sent 1 Email To Your Inbox Or Spam Box. You Need To Contact Our Website Online Chat Box Or Email Box.
    Notice: To ensure the safety of recharge, we have some suggestions before you make the purchase
    1. Please do not recharge VC in multiple online stores in a short time. 
    2. Please do not recharge VC too many times in 48 hours. 
    ( Recharge VC frequently will also make your account take high risk of ban. )
    3. Make sure the total amount of VC in your account is under 200k (For example, you already have 100k VC in account, the most amount you can purchase will be 100k more.)
    UNLOCK ALL BADGES only works with one career file. Please make sure which career you need to unlock and note it in Comments blank when submit order.
    Before you order unlock all badges, please : Login to steam→set up the cloud service inside→open the cloud service→enter the game→enter the characters→play a game (can be simulated to end)→exit the game normally. 
    64% Off
  • 200K VC200K VC

    PC Top Up 200 K VC

    20.00 USD 7.16 USD

  • 64% Off
  • 300K VC300K VC

    PC Top Up 300 K VC

    30.00 USD 10.74 USD

  • 64% Off
  • 400K VC400K VC

    PC Top Up 400 K VC

    40.00 USD 14.25 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 500K VC500K VC

    PC Top Up 500 K VC

    50.00 USD 17.72 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 600K VC600K VC

    PC Top Up 600 K VC

    60.00 USD 21.16 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 700K VC700K VC

    PC Top Up 700 K VC

    70.00 USD 24.56 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 800K VC800K VC

    PC Top Up 800 K VC

    80.00 USD 27.93 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 900K VC900K VC

    PC Top Up 900 K VC

    90.00 USD 31.26 USD

  • 65% Off
  • 1000K VC1000K VC

    PC Top Up 1000 K VC

    100.00 USD 34.56 USD

  • 66% Off
  • 1500K VC1500K VC

    PC Top Up 1500 K VC

    150.00 USD 51.58 USD

  • 66% Off
  • 2000K VC2000K VC

    PC Top Up 2000 K VC

    200.00 USD 68.43 USD

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    NBA 2K19 VC Top Up

    NBA 2K19 VC PS4 Top Up Q&A Center  
    There is something you may be interested in before making a purchase.

    1. Q: I purchased 800000 VC,why it take so long to complete my order?
    A: Recently, we received many cheat payments, to make sure both of us safe, there will be a payment review after we received your order. Usually, the unauthorized payments will be found in 24 hours, when the review complete, the delivery will send to you directly.
    The specifically review time depends on your payment price, no longer than 24 hours.

    2. Q: Why I can't log in the account before the order complete?
    A: There will be a banned risk if a PSN account signed in multiple times on different IP in a short time. 
    The official service may think your account was hacked, our delivery console will be locked and couldn't access PlayStation Network anymore.
    Therefore, we sincerely suggest you wait patiently and DO NOT login the account while our team working on this order. It is not only for the speed of delivery, but also for the security of your game account.

    3. Q: Will the payment review happens again if I purchase a new order next time?
    A: If the payment price was too big, the payment review will start again. 

    4.Q: Will my account be hacked or have any risk of hack? Is it safe? 
    A: We guarantee it is 100% safe, no risk of a hack,  no risk of getting locked if you follow our suggestions.
    We suggest you reset a simple password for us before you start Top Up, you can change it back to your normal password after the order completed.

    5. Q: Which game mode can I use VC?
    A: VC is suitable for any mode in the game.

    6. Q: What should I do after received VC?
    A: Please use the VC to open packs. You will gather some player cards after opened packs, please sell those cards in the auction house and exchange them to MT.  (Notice: Once you exchange VC to MT, you are unable to change MT back to VC.)

    7. Q: What if my account get banned after delivery?
    A: We need to recommend that we only guarantee transfer VC in your account. Once the order completed, which means we successfully provided service. We have rights to reject your refund request because the service provided successfully as agreed.


    Gameplay in NBA 2K19 comprised of online competition and offline training mode. Now you can choose from MyLeague, MyTeam, MyGM, Neighborhood and many new designed gameplay for you this year. If you have played the previous version, you may know how to farm the MT in the game and get better players. But you know it’s impossible to farm VC, you need to earn it from official activities but it’s really hard. Now you can skip the tedious grindings and get tons of 2K19 VC from us by a little money. 2K Sports is a great company in sports video games territory, but they are commercial company and needs to earn money. So, the game is a pay-to-win game in essence. You can compare our price with many other same type site, we are the cheapest and our delivery is the fastest.Before that you need to improve your gaming skills to know how to get better players from Auction House and how to allocate your players on pitch wisely. If you want to get some tips you can read our NBA 2K19 Guide on This is a rare chance for you to Buy NBA 2k19 VC from online store, and you are absolutely at the best store now. All trades delivery safely, so you can enjoy the Cheap 2K19 VC Boosting Service immediately when the order completed. We offer best service and Quick Delivery for all gamers on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As you know, NBA 2K VC is one of the two main currencies in NBA 2K series, and they are used in different way, so you can Buy Cheap 2K19 VC from us as a supplement aside from mt. Hope you enjoy our service and product, thank you for your visit!

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