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    Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy News & Guides

    Dota 2 Auto Chess Guide: How to Make Candy and Unlock New Couriers
    At the beginning of Dota 2 Auto Chess, your default playable courier is the Dire Donkey. If you want to get one up on the competition, you’ll need a fancy new courier. So, how to unlock a new courier in Dota 2 Auto Chess?
    How to get New Couriers in Dota 2 Auto Chess?
    To unlock a new courier, you’ll need to earn a currency called Candy, a kind of in-game currency.
    There are only two way to get candy in the game. One is to play the game, the other is to purchase from in-game store with with money. You can get a total of 10 Auto Chess Candy per day (the counter resets at the same time the Daily Courier deals does) and the amount of Auto Chess Candy you get from a game will vary. It depends on the amount of players you’ve killed and your level. For example, if you killed 5 players during your playtime and ended somewhere in the Top 3, you’ll get 5 Candy. In case you killed just one player, and you’re Top 1 (winner of the Auto Chess game) you’ll get just one Candy. Therefore, to earn candy faster, you should pick a powerful build, stick to it and rank up.
    So, if you are a person who pays to win, then the second method is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest. In this case,you can buy Cheap Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy at Compared to other online in-game sellers, our price is competitive and our delivery is faster. Moreover, with a coupon code “5MMO”, you can enjoy 3% off.
    Once you’ve got enough Candy, you can use the slot machine for a chance at obtaining a random courier at the courier shop. The shop is on the upper left corner of the screen. There is a 40C roulette in which you can find a random courier or daily offers like special effects on your courier.


    Here’s a full list of courier effects, along with corresponding prices. There are a grand total of 32 couriers available to earn in Dota Auto Chess. Here’s an image of all the couriers currently in the shop, taken straight from the in-game client itself.
    Courier Effects
    Here's a translation and price list:


    100 candies:
    [00:00] Divine, Rubiline Sheen, New Bloom, Crystal Rift, Corrupted, Poisonous, Dire 2012
    [01:25] Dire 2013, Spirit of Earth, Blue Storm, Happy Together, Gem, Polluted, Illusion
    200 candies:
    [02:49] Illusory, King of Ghosts, Emerald Trail, Bane Ward, Trail of the * Amanita, TI 2012 Blue, TI 2013 Green
    [04:13] TI 2014 Purple, Neon Butterfly, Whirling Sparks, Foggy, Entwined, Graceful Jade, Engulfing Flame
    400 candies:
    [05:39] Sunfire, Butterfly Romp, Maiden, Grass, Blossoms, Frosty, Fish Bubble, Purple Passion, Snowflakes
    [07:25] Wicked Flame, Greed Is Good, Glorious Years, Purple Nebula, Nightmare, Stars, Hearts Amor, TI 2017 Gold, Resplendent, Maselstrom, Soulmate
    800 candies:
    [09:37] Touch of Flame, Touch of Ice, Touch of Midas, Ionic Vapor, Brilliant
    [10:37] Sapphire, Sandstorm, Darkmoon, Bloody, Snow Spirit
    (Perhaps some effects can not be purchased, only for match rewards.)
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