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    Elsword Ara PvE Build Guide of Damage Skill Casting, and Resource Manaement Tips
    MMORPG   PC Games   Elsword Guides   2018-07-07 09:48:45
    Elsword Ara is a combo based class in the game, I’ve seen many videos online to present her ability to strike constantly to defeat opponent in PvP. But you know the combo is not a crucial point in the game, we need damage points. Only to watch the anime of skills are exciting but will soon be tedious after hundreds of combos the target still remains more than half life. Ara brandish their spear to attack front enemy, and the attack is AoE melee type, so you need to have a clear mind of knowing what should do next. Time your skills to make a cycle, cast control skills reasonably to interrupt target’s action is the gist.


    Brief Intro of Ara in Elsword
    It’s a class that using long range spear to attack groups of enemies simultaneously. Fatal Phantom suffers against end game bosses since they cannot be rebuffed, which hinders his damage, though mobs are easy, and Add dungeon you just spam X-Shooting Bind then repeat 7 seconds later. Ara comes from a Haan warrior family in Fluone’s Northern Empire, that is the official introduction, relates to the background story, we won’t research much on this. His debuffs will work in Add dung except for the easy Pepsi man. Also, his HA is the strongest in the game I'm pretty sure. Black Massacre has a passive that gives her 100% critical rate. She has three type of presentation, can be deemed as skins: the Little Hsien, the Little Devil, and the Little Specter, all cute and sexy. This gives insane space for sockets attaining to other important stats. Rushing Sword used to be for all Elesis but got changed to be solely for GM. I really missed this on my BH and Cra. Ara has Energy Absorption and Tempest Dance skills as the initial skill, you can upgrade to acquire Dragon Stance, Falling Dragon, Wolf Stance, and Exorcism Stance in higher levels. It used to be a great way to get behind targets or evade bosses with strong frontal attack. Now those 2 jobs are only left with Dodge & Slash which stops in front of the target so no evading bosses, and it has a cringing effect of knocking targets in the air that get knockdown if you don't catch them. Basic combo tricks: ZZZZ to stab with spear, ZZX to continue with smashing the group. Almost every mob in the game has a defense value of some sort. In order to Buy Cheap Elsword ED, you can test our site with a small amount of Ed for your alt account first. There's very few exceptions to this rule - Training Dummies in Free Training, for instance, have zero defense. The later in the game you get, the higher enemy defense values get. Press Up + Up to Double Jump, that could make her jump higher to make further combo. I had kinda felt from the last livestream that you didn't finalize what kinds of updates they'll be brought to our server, so I'm more than happy reading the news here! Tempest Dance is used for dealing group of enemies, useful in PvE. Now doing some research and reading I already know that Energy Absorption and life steal aren't inherently necessary.

    Elsword Ara PvE

    If you have couple, you can use Extreme Heavenly Love, but it only unlocked when you are married. But do not get married with someone you don’t know well, take it seriously as you do that in real life. The EHL skill recovers your HP and MP, when using the Power of Love. As the name suggests, Ara gains extra power when get married in the game Elsword. We are one of the most professional site for Elsword gamers to buy cheap ed for their Ara build. Hope you success in the game.
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