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    FIFA 20 Best Way to Dribble, How to Dribble in FIFA 20 PS4/PC/Xbox One
    Knowing how to dribble in FIFA 20 is a crucial method to score, but do you have already grasp the ways? If you are not, please read this short article carefully.


    Basic Moves
    As for basic dribbling, you need to be good at these moves:
    Carrying the Ball (L stick)
    Skill Moves (R stick)
    Protecting the Ball (L2/LT)
    Fast Dribbling (Holding R2/RT)
    Slow Dribbling (Holding L2+R2/LT+RT)
    To carry the ball and pass your opponent you can just use the L stick. Using the R stick will also help you to do skill moves. Getting familiar with the skill moves will also help you a lot to perform the dribbling very well. The first thing you need to do for dribbling is to protect the ball (Using L2/LT button). Sprinting (Holding R2/RT button when moving) will also assist you to pass your opponents. Sometimes you need to do slow dribbling (By holding L1/LB button) in order to make more space for yourself to take a shot or pass the ball.
    Strafe Dribbling
    Strafe Dribbling is one of the new features in FIFA 20.  This new control method for attackers in FIFA 20 offers more dimension to your attacking options.  The move gives players the ability to move with greater agility, luring your opponents in and then beating them with either pure speed or skill.  Strafe Dribbling allows you to move in multiple directions and then explode past your defender. To Strafe Dribble you simply need to hold the LB/L1 Button and use the Left Stick to move.  You’ll find that instead of normal dribbling you’ll be in more fine tuned control, keeping the ball in front of you while effectively strafing side to side, or forward and back. You can also lock your angle while strafe dribbling by pressing the LB/L1 + RB/R1 Buttons and using the Left Thumbstick.  Using this option will lock in your angle when you start holding in the shoulder buttons on the controller.
    1 – La Croqueta – easily the best skill move in FIFA 19 is very effective also in FIFA 20. To perform the move you hold L1/LB and hold the right stick in the desired direction. Be warned however, hold this and attempt to do this 2, 3, 4 times in a row and the ball will become further and further away from your player so use this sparingly and time it well when a defender is approaching to try and take the ball from you.
    2 – Body Feint – This dribbling tip is always useful on each edition of FIFA and FIFA 20 is no different. The higher a players agility, balance and star skill moves determines how well and effectively your player will perform this move. Jut flick the right stick in the desired direction to do this skill move. Easy and effective.
    3 – Feint and Exit – This skill move is new to FIFA 20 and is a three star skill move. It is kind of like an advanced Body Feint so once you have our nuber 2 perfected then move onto adding this into your dribbling arsenal. To perform the move, hold L1/LB and then rotate the right stick 180 degrees in the desired direction. Your player will receive a little speed boost and will burst into the space.
    That is the guide for FIFA 20, hope it can do a great help for you!
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