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    Genshin Impact City Reputation System Explained: How to unlock, increase reputation, and rewards
    The Genshin Impact 1.1 update arrives on November 11, bringing a new Reputation System that allows players to win rare quality-of-life enhancements. This article is going to introduce what is the The Genshin Impact Reputation System & how does it works?


    What exactly is the Genshin Impact reputation system?
    According miHoYo, the reputation system will be linked to the in-game cities and NPCs. By interacting with NPCs, players can unlock new quality-of-life items, requests, and other rewards such as crafting blueprints, name cards, and new features within cities.
    How to Unlock City Reputation
    First, to unlock City Reputation quests and tasks, the player will need to reach Adventure Rank 25. For those who have been with Genshin Impact since the beginning, most of them will be well past this point. But players who are just starting out will have some grinding to do before they can unlock City Reputation. Aside from AR25, players will also need to complete the Outlander Who Caught the Wind quest to unlock Reputation in Mondstadt. This is the first act of the Prologue, so most can check this off their lists. As for Liyue, travelers will need to complete Farewell, Archaic Lord, which is the last main story quest until 1.1 brings A New Star Approaches to finish off the Liyue storyline. Doing so requires AR29.
    How to Increase Reputation
    You can increase your Reputation Level by doing a variety of region-specific requests, so make sure you use the four points outlined below:
    ·Region Quests: Complete various quests in Mondstadt and Liyue to increase your Reputation in each city.
    ·World Exploration: Open chests, find Elemental Oculi, unlock Waypoints, and complete other exploration activities in the Liyue and Mondstadt regions to increase your Exploration Progress in each region.
    ·Bounties: Hunt down and defeat the bounty targets to increase your Reputation in that city. The list of bounties will be refreshed every Monday. Each week you can complete up to three bounties in total across all cities.
    ·Requests: Complete requests from the local residents to increase your Reputation in that city. The list of requests will be refreshed every Monday. Each week you can complete up to three requests in total across all cities.
    What are the Genshin Impact Reputation System Rewards?
    Mondstadt City Reputation Rewards
    ·Rank 2: Anemoculus Resonance Stone crafting blueprint, Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search
    ·Rank 3: Wind Catcher forging blueprint
    ·Rank 4: Discounts at the Good Hunter and Mondstadt General Goods
    ·Rank 5: NRE (Menu 30) foraging blueprint
    ·Rank 6: Portable Waypoint crafting blueprint, Anemo Treasure Compass foraging blueprint
    ·Rank 8: Wind glider Wings of Azure Wind
    Liyue City Reputation Rewards
    ·Rank 2: Geoculus Resonance Stone crafting blueprint, Liyue Mining Outcrop Search
    ·Rank 3: Condensed Resin crafting blueprint
    ·Rank 4: Discounts at the Wanmin Restaurant and Second Life
    ·Rank 5: Adepti Seeker's Stove crafting blueprint
    ·Rank 6: Geo Treasure Compass foraging blueprint
    ·Rank 8: Wind glider Wings of Golden Flight
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