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    How to Tame Ice Titan, Forest Titan, and Desert Titan in ARK Extinction
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    As the third expansion of ARK, Ark: Extinction has arrived in November, with a bunch of new creatures and tools, as well as a Titan: a massive and powerful monster. There are three kinds of monster in Extinction: Forest Titan, Ice Titan and Desert Titan. Instead of killing, the game offer another option for you, taming those titans. Here;s a guide for taming each kind of titans.


    ARK Extinction Titans
    Titans are the largest dinosaurs known to players of ARK: Survival Evolved and are powerful and aggressive. Whenever you face them, you will need to be on your toes to avoid their lethal attacks. Taming also works a little differently for each with only one Titan allowed to be tamed at a given time. Once tamed, they will not display any symptoms of corruption. The duration for any tame would be 5 in-game days. Whatever damage Titans take during the fight which ultimately leads to them being tamed, it will be reflected in their final HP. So, the less you damage them before taming, the stronger and more durable they will be after the process. Titans are mini-bosses that originate from dungeons and caves. All summoned Titans will start at level 1500. Even when you’ve tamed these Titans, they cannot be leveled up further. There are 3 main kinds of titans in Extinction: Ice Titans, Forest Titans, and Desert Titans.


    How to tame those titans?
    Forest Titan
    In order to spawn a Titan in Extinction, you must first present it with an offering at the nearby altar. Then you’ll be warped into an arena where the Titan appears. Here’s what the Forest Titan requires:
    100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
    10 Tyrannosaurus Arms: Earned by killing Rexes or taking them from corpses before they’re fully harvested.
    10 Sauropod Vertebra: Found on the corpses of Brontosaurus, Diplodocus or Titanosaur.
    One Artifact of Growth: Enter the cave at 11.8 latitude and 39.3 longitude. The artifact is at 13.5 latitude and 49.2 longitude.
    To tame a titan, you need to damage the corrupted spots on its body. For the Forest Titan, that means two spots on its arms and a third that appears on its chin. Just remember that the less actual damage you do outside those corrupted spots gives you a better tame. So avoid doing damage outside the corrupted spots to get the best tame. By the way, you can buy Cheap ARK: Survival Evolved Account from, a reliable, cheap online in-game currency store.

    Desert Titan

    Likewise, here are the items you need:
    100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
    10 Fire Talons: Harvested from dead Fire, Lightning, Poison and Ice Wyverns.
    10 Sarcosuchus Skin: Found in the inventory of a dead Sarcosuchus.
    One Artifact of Chaos: Enter the cave around 87.4 latitude and 70.4 longitude. The artifact is at 93.9 latitude and 88 longitude.
    Likewise, there are three Corrupted spots on the Desert Titan’s body: one on each of its wings and one on its lower back. You need to damage all three of these spots till the purple effect disappears.
    Ice Titans
    Again, here are the items you need:
    100 Corrupt Hearts: Earned by killing a large amount of Corrupt creatures around Extinction.
    10 Spinosaurus Sails: Found in the inventories of a dead Spinosaurus.
    10 Therizino Claws: Found in the inventories of a dead Therizinosaurus.
    One Artifact of the Void: Make your way to the cave entrance at 20.3 latitude and 62.2 longitude. The artifact is located at 13.5 latitude and 84 longitude.
    For ice titans, the corrupt spots appear on its ankle, right shoulder and chest. An Assault Rifle or Tek Rifle is recommended here to hit each spot while it’s active.
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