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    How to Upgrade Your Mythic Helm and Armor in Arcane Legends
    Are you wondering how to upgrade your L26 mythic helm and L31 mythic armor into the best armor available and become The Hero of Legends in the game? Then participate in Mythic Upgrading Quest now. For those uninitiated, this mythic upgrading guide will show you how to upgrade your armor step by step. By the way, you must be lvl 36 to start this quest and the following are basic requirements needed you start this quest:

    Meet the Alchemist

    Basic requirements:
    1.Mythic Helm;
    2.Mythic Armor;
    3.100,000 gold; and
    4.Potions (optional)-you need to fight as well
    Achievements that will be earned:
    Orange with Envy - if you have not purchased any mythic pets before, you’ll earn this achievement once you purchased the Condensed Essence for 100,000 gold.
    Anger Management
    Found the Hermit
    Acquired Restored Heroes Armor
    Generally, The mythic upgrading quest can be divided into 2 parts and each part has a different quest lines. Now let’s talk about the first part.
    Upgrading your mythic armor
    First, you need to go to the Forest Breach which is located on the second map on the Shuyal Expansion). then kill the minions or you can just run and spam pots. When you reach near the end, you will see a fork, the right direction goes to a boss, Ferrix and straight ahead you will find a mine entrance. Get inside the mine entrance, then you'll meet the Hermit and his bat, Baticus.
    The Hermit will give you a quest to kill Shadowmancers on close range. No worries. It is quite easy and just do it in close range. Go back to the Hermit to turn-over. Next he'll instruct you to meet The Alchemist at the City of Kelys to condense the essence. If you lack of Arcane Legends, come and buy Cheap Arcane Legends Gold at Not only do we offer the cheapest price online, but also we provide a fast delivery.
    Note: You will earn the Mythic Banner once you purchased the essence. However, if you haven't earned it, then you need to go back where The Hermit is and approach his bat, Baticus to verify the essence. Once verified, The Hermit will again instruct you to imbue the essence by defeating Inan'hesh at Shuyal Tower. Remember: Inan'hesh must be enraged before you kill him to complete the quest. After defeating Inan'hesh and turning in the quest, go to the City of Kelys and approach Jerril the Blacksmith.
    For the final quest of upgrading your mythic armor, you need to take shards from runes found in the last 3 maps of Nordr (Oltgar Keep, Crystal Caverns and Hall of Valheim). Once completed, turn over and then you'll receive your upgraded mythic armor. The mythic armor changes name and the level requirement is now at lvl 36.


    Upgrading your mythic helm
    This quest tasks you with collecting 16 shard pieces to upgrade the helm. You can find those shards in barrels and crates in the maps of Kraken. Since those pieces are quite rare, so it might take you some time to find all of them. Don't try wearing that leprechaun pendant, it doesn't matter. You can alternate Windmoore Harbor and Skull Cove for a chance of finding Elite Bael II. Once the pieces are completed, go back to Jerril to turn-over, then you'll get the upgraded helm. The same with mythic armor, it also changes name and now at lvl 36.
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