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    League Of Legends: LOL 11.1 Change Introduction, Master Yi, Pantheon Weakened, Yasuo Epic Enhancement
    LOL 11.1   LOL New Patch   Buy LOL Champion Skins   LOL Yasuo   2020-12-17 08:43:21
    In the League of Legends test server, the official version of the S11 season has also been released. This revision is still very huge compared to the changes in the S11 preseason. After all, many players have feedback on the game bugs they encountered in the game. , So in this latest version of the changes, the designer also said that in addition to adjusting the strengths of the game heroes, it is also necessary to improve the game quality of the players and conduct a large-scale investigation of the bugs in the game, so that players can At the beginning, there was a better gaming experience. In the preview of the 11.1 season of the League of Legends, these heroes have a significant impact on the subsequent version, so I also list them for everyone to pay attention to in the new season.

    Master Yi, Pantheon is weakened
    1. Master YiQ skill CD growth
    The designer stated that the appearance rate of Master Yi hero below the golden rank (including the golden rank) is too high, and Master Yi in the current version is too suitable for the attributes of the equipment (not intending to weaken the equipment), so the designer decided to In the current version, the hero of Master Yi has been weakened. The specific values ​​are as follows: The CD increase of Master Yi's Q skill has been increased from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds to 18/17.5/17/16.5/16 seconds. Master Yi's Q skill is two seconds lower than before at full level, but as the designer said, Master Yi is not used at high ranks, so this weakening is also to take care of low rank players. (The screen blade and Master Yi must cut one)
    2. Pantheon's basic stats and W skills are weak
    I won't introduce too much about the hero Pantheon. After the designer said that he would become a single-line hero, this hero was also directly promoted to the current version of the three positions of the T1 hero (upper middle auxiliary), and this time weakened It is also reasonable, but also in response to that sentence, the first cutting mechanism (E skill), weakening the value (slashing twice), and finally becoming a sewer hero. This weakening is mainly to reduce Pantheon's basic health recovery and W skill damage. The health recovery is reduced from 2 to 1.8. When the W skill is fully passive, the total AD bonus is reduced from 1.35-1.65 to 1.2-1.65. (Change from level 1 to level 5), this seems to be to weaken Pantheon's early laning ability.
    Yasuo and Yone passively get epic enhancements
    In this version of the change, the designer has enhanced Yasuo and Yone for the first time. Yasuo players are ecstatic. In the previous version, Yasuo and Yone were reduced by critical strike equipment and critical strike damage, so these two hapless heroes were The direct win rate discarded by the version dropped to 40%, but with the popularity of the sheep knife game, their win rate has also picked up. However, after the designer changed the sheep knife to not suit Yasuo and Yone, these two heroes also became the current version. Abandoned heroes, but with this designer change, I personally feel that these two heroes will have a soaring winning rate. This time the change is: Yasuo and Yone's growth attack power is reduced, but Yasuo and Yone's passive critical strikes The rate has doubled from 2 times to 2.5 times, which means that Yasuo and Yone can achieve 100% crit with a 2-piece suit.
    Sum Up
    In this version change, it is not difficult to see that the designer has taken care of the players in this version (the strong and weak heroes of the high and low ranks are taken care of), and I saw the enhancement of Yasuo and Yone in this version change. I am also very happy, because the hero Yone has no chance to be on the professional arena this year, so I also hope that these two heroes can be on the arena next summer. It is best to choose one so that it is very enjoyable. If you want to Get Yasuo champion sikn change, come to and we provide Cheaper League Of Legends Champion Skins.
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