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    League Of Legends: LOL MMORPG is under development! Official announcement of the vice president of Riot
    LOL MMORPG News   LOL MMO Guide   LOL MMORPG 2020   LOL Riot Point   2020-12-28 08:50:46
    The well-known designer Ghostcrawler Greg Street revealed on his personal Twitter that he will participate in large-scale game design in Riot Games. A player asked whether the new work is an MMORPG game. Ghostcrawler answered in the affirmative. Currently, the project team has begun recruiting, and Ghostcrawler is the former World of Warcraft and the former League of Legends designer, do these two titles sound very powerful?

    League of Legends MMORPG World New Work
    After seeing this news, the game media obtained reliable information from the official staff of the fist, not only confirmed that this is an MMORPG game, but also said that this is a game based on the League of Legends worldview and built on the continent of Valoran. In fact, this project originated from players, because every time a new character is announced, there will be players suggesting to make MMORP games, so the original intention of designing this game is the player's suggestion.
    I briefly introduced the origin of Ghostcrawler. Players who have played World of Warcraft may be more familiar with him, because this game is his famous work in the field of MMORPG. In 2008, he ended the 10-year period of the Age of Empires studio. He joined Blizzard’s World of Warcraft development team and left Blizzard in 2013. During this period, he reached the peak of his career, and of course he also encountered a trough.
    During his tenure at Blizzard, Ghostcrawler participated in the design of many game versions. At the same time, it also proposed a new gameplay method, reorganized traditional talents, weapon proficiency, and skill books, and launched a 5-player cross-server team system. Greatly enhance the game experience and interaction between players.
    Of course, the changes in the major version have also brought negative effects. The "Ghostcrawler is immortal, and the Warcraft must die" "famous" appeared in the player community. However, after 6 years, Ghostcrawler announced on his Twitter to reopen what he once loved. World of Warcraft, this time there are many players who hope he can return again.
    When Riot Games celebrated the tenth anniversary of League of Legends in October 2019, many games were announced, but at the same time, it was mentioned that the released games were only part of them, and there are more exciting ones. Please stay tuned. Now Ghostcrawler revealed the new MMORPG world. The highlight, with such a game designer in the future, may bring more surprises to the majority of players.
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