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    Lost Ark Guide to Hanumatan Guardian Raid
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    The Hanumatan Guardian Raid is one of the most challenging encounters in Lost Ark, demanding players to exhibit high levels of skill and coordination. This raid features Hanumatan, a 1540 item-level boss known for his agility and devastating area-of-effect (AOE) attacks. Mastering the phases and mechanics of this raid is crucial for ensuring successful clears and making the most out of your combat gear. Even seasoned players find this Guardian formidable, making the conquest of Hanumatan a significant achievement. However, before we get into the game, are you looking for a trusted site for your Lost Ark needs? We recommend visiting our website to Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold, so you can focus on the game without worrying.

    Hanumatan, once the valiant protector of Arkesia, now stands as a powerful adversary. Understanding his tricks and strategies is essential for farming valuable items. The battle against Hanumatan is not just a test of strength but also a test of strategy and coordination. Gaining insight into his mechanics will help players maximize their rewards, which include tier 3 ancient accessories, bracelets, ability stones, engraving books, and upgrade materials.
    Phase Breakdown
    Phase 1
    The first phase sets the tone for the raid, where Hanumatan exhibits his ground stomp move. When his HP is reduced to a certain point, he performs a stomp that can be countered. Successfully countering this attack allows players to break his armor, granting significant buffs. These buffs include increased movement and attack speed and reduced cooldowns, lasting until the end of the raid. Players must be vigilant to avoid his powerful AOE attacks that follow the ground stomp, as getting hit can be detrimental.
    Phase 2
    In the second phase, Hanumatan prepares a spirit bomb attack when his HP drops to a specific threshold. During this time, it is crucial for players to avoid attacking, as doing so will provoke retaliation. After a few seconds, Hanumatan can be countered when he glows blue. Players should use Counter-based skills to stun him, creating an opportunity to use Destruction-based strikes on the Weak Point Affix. This phase emphasizes patience and precise timing to mitigate damage and exploit vulnerabilities.
    Phase 3
    As the battle progresses to the third phase, Hanumatan attempts to capture a player positioned in front of him. Following this, the captured player needs to be rescued through a successful counter by the remaining team members. This phase includes the third destruction check. Failing to counter Hanumatan’s subsequent swings can lead to the captured player's demise. Once countered, players get a window for increased DPS time. Ensuring only one player is in front to be captured simplifies the counter process and maximizes the team’s effectiveness.
    Phase 4
    The final phase introduces unique mechanics that require quick reflexes and coordination. Initially, players will be immobilized and subjected to bleed damage. Rapidly hitting the spacebar helps escape this bind. Hanumatan will then capture a player and deal pulsing damage. During this time, a meter under the boss indicates when other players can initiate stagger-based attacks to free the captured ally. Additionally, Hanumatan employs a strategy where he creates a green yin and yang circle on the ground, followed by an AOE strike. Players must stay within this moving circle to avoid damage, requiring constant vigilance and movement.
    Drops and Rewards
    Successfully defeating Hanumatan rewards players with substantial loot, fitting for a 1540-item level raid. Rewards include tier 3 ancient accessories, bracelets, ability stones, engraving books, and valuable upgrade materials. These drops are crucial for character progression and enhancing overall combat effectiveness.
    Additional Mechanics
    Breaking Hanumatan’s armor at different stages provides various buffs to the team:
    - First Break: Increases movement speed by 15%.
    - Second Break: Grants a 10% cooldown reduction.
    - Third Break: Increases attack speed by 10%.
    These buffs are pivotal in maintaining the momentum and efficiency of the team throughout the raid.
    The Hanumatan Guardian Raid in Lost Ark is a formidable challenge that tests the limits of a player’s skill, strategy, and teamwork. Understanding the raid’s phases and mechanics is essential for success. Meticulous planning, precise execution, and seamless communication are the keys to overcoming Hanumatan’s powerful attacks. This guide provides the necessary insights to navigate this challenging encounter, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and thorough comprehension of the game’s principles. Surviving Hanumatan’s onslaught and emerging victorious will undoubtedly be a testament to your prowess in Lost Ark. If you are looking for Cheap  Lost Ark Gold, you can trust our site to buy. Happy adventuring!
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