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    Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Guide: MUT 21 Ultimate Best Playbook In The Match Field
    Trips Tight Ends and Guns Split Close are devastating formations, and the action (PA) script is also very rich. This script has countless the bullet gun scripts, which is very easy to use for quarterbacks like Cam Newton, and uses the guards and tight ends to bring you embarrassing assets in the passing game Quantity.
    For example, in PA Counter go, the defender believes that a wide pass should weaken their coverage, thereby allowing deep cross-border players to profit freely. Using the midfield, and the correct use of Pats Y Out can defeat the screen. However, this is a punitive script. If you are building a long-term relationship with the team, it is recommended that you pay attention to the health of the quarterback.

    Which team has the best offense in Madden 21? What NFL playbooks are on Madden 21?
    Madden 21 Best Offensive Playbooks
    New England Patriots: It's no surprise that the Patriots on this list. They are one of the top NFL teams every year, and Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame coach. The reason for choosing the Patriot script is the special Pats drama. Their passing game design is top-notch inside and outside Madden.
    Baltimore Ravens: Part of the reason for Lamar Jackson's success in the NFL game was the repeat design of the Ravens' reading options. If your quarterback is mobile and you are only playing a one-off game rather than an entire season or franchise, then you should consider using Ravens' script. Quarterbacks play 25 times per game, you don't have any long-term risks, and their game design is top-notch
    New Orleans Saints: If you are looking for the pinnacle of the West Coast offense, please read the Saints script designed by Sean Payton. In a happy future NFL, being able to weaken the defense is crucial. The offense on the West Coast will make the defenders get rid of the defense as soon as they can hardly contain all the short passes committed by the offense. It is not for everyone, but if you read it fast, try the Saints script.
    Las Vegas Raiders: Given its real performance, it is surprising that Raiders are the first choice for many advanced Madden players. Why are you asking? It is versatile. If you want an excellent passing concept that confuses AI defenders, there is it in the "Strategy" script. A reliable running game? They also have. It is easily the most balanced script of your choice and the top choice for keeping your opponents balanced.
    Madden 21 Best Defense Playbooks
    Chicago Bears: Although the Bears are far from the monsters on Midway, their script provides many appearances to deal with any situation. If you need some strong defensive lines to stop running, or some heavy DB lines to cover passes, they can be found here. In terms of defense, versatility is the name of the game, and the Bears script has the best versatility.
    San Francisco 49ers: Easy enemy QB is the root of the disaster. Fortunately, for Madden players, the 49ers script is the best choice to catch up with passers. If you want to put pressure on a happy offense by passing the ball, please read the 49ers script and mix in some blitzkrieg concepts.
    Multiple D: Although not available in MUT, multiple D is the best script in the game. The reason is clear: every viable defensive image of American football has a basic and solid performance. There is no special magic here. It boils down to a solid game to defend everything that the opponent's offense might cause you.
    In order to enhance your adventurous spirit, it is recommended that you buy cheap Madden 21 coins on and buy them at a preferential price, which is safe and fast. MUT 21 coins are still an important currency of the game, and another important currency is MUT 21 points. Madden 21 Ultimate Team Coins can be used to purchase the Superstar or Ultimate Superstar version of the game, which can make you play better in the game.
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