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    NBA 2K24: How to Find Free Ways to Earn More VC for MyPlayer

    In NBA 2K24, players need to upgrade their characters and compete against opponents in the matches. While, some players don’t want to spend money on outfits or other items. There are several free ways for players to earn VC in MyCareer mode and level up players quickly in NBA 2K24. Players can use Cheap NBA 2K24 VC to upgrade players with good outfits and items in the game shop.
    Free Ways to Earn VC in NBA 2K24
    Play More Games
    This seems simple, and it is; playing games and your performance in them will boost your VC balance, which ranges from plays you make in games to simply your salary for playing in the game. You get one VC for each point you score, three for a 3-pointer, two for a regular field goal, one for a free throw — and multiple for other actions, like four for an assist and three for a rebound.
    However, you must be careful, as you will also lose VC for negative actions like turnovers (-2 VC) and fouls (-1 VC). You also get a set amount of VC for each game as a salary, along with endorsement bonuses (more on that in a bit) and VC based on your Teammate Grade.
    Daily Pick ‘Em
    For the next way to earn VC, you’ll want to head over to the beach location in the city. Just next to the footpath before you head onto the beach you can find these Daily Pick ‘Em machines. Walk up and interact with them to use one. All you’ll have to do is make a predication on who will win each day on the NBA schedule and you’ll earn VC and other rewards for doing so. The more games that are on in the NBA, the more picks you’ll be able to do each day. With each pick netting you 100-200 VC, you’ll be able to earn a ton of VC on days with a ton of games on. You should try to do these whenever you log on for some easy VC.
    Complete Side Quests
    Side quests are back for NBA 2K24’s MyCareer.
    These quests are not tied to the main storyline, but the completion of them will not only yield in-game boosts like Badge Perks, but also virtual currency.
    Individuals will unlock new quests while moving along the plot in MyCareer. These quests can include the Race of the Week, as well as performance-based objectives.
    Also, make sure to talk to NPCs across the The City and the game arena, like Hendrixx Cobb and fellow NBA players. A diamond icon will appear above those characters that MyCareer players need to interact with.
    Watch NBA 2KTV
    NBA 2KTV is the series' weekly show which you can access from the main menu screen or during MyCareer by bringing up your Smartphone (left d-pad button) and accessing the NBA 2KTV app. During each episode there'll be interactive elements, allowing you to vote or answer questions for VC rewards. This can be a really quick and easy way to get additional income.
    Enter Locker Codes
    You can keep your eyes on All Locker Codes for potential VC rewards. While these generally include MyTeam Card Packs, Tokens, and cosmetic rewards for MyPlayer, 2K Sports does occasionally dish out VC in Locker Codes, so it's worth keeping tabs on our guide to see what's available.
    If you are lack of enough VC in NBA 2K24, you can consider these mentioned ways to farm VC in the game. And you can also Buy NBA 2K24 VC to upgrade players’ stats and abilities fast.
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