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    The Division 2 Dark Hour Raid Guide - How to Defeat Max Boomer Bailey Boss
    When you enter the food court you will see Four very large Electronic Cubes around the room. Two are in front of one minigun. Two are in front of the other and when active them, they emit a Blue AOE in a circle overlapping each other. Enemies that are within the AOE are immune to all damage sources and the only way to disable them is by firing at the Defenses with the Miniguns,  The key to the encounter is paying attention to who Boomer is currently targeting, indicated by an Eye underneath your health bar on the group panel. At least one player will have to act as bait. Whoever spots a red eye icon in the middle of the screen – this means the boss will go after them. They should use the furniture in the middle of the room as distractions to slow him down. While they’re kiting him, others should deal with adds and mount the turrets. When you see a red box on the boss’ back, shoot it in order to stun him. When he drops to his knees, focus damage on him.


    Once he is up and back to immune he will often toss a jamming grenade at the Minigun used to down him, forcing players to rotate. After initial DPS is done, the player with the Eye must kite and pay attention to Boomer's front panel, If the front panel is glowing green he will constantly regain health. This panel can be shot by any source at any time to prevent healing, even if he is not kneeling. Also, he has a healing plate on his chest. Whoever is baiting him should shoot at it whenever it starts glowing. This will stop him from healing. Keep the adds and the boss away from the turrets – they’ll try to destroy them. Also make sure you destroy the signal sources whenever they start glowing again, since they provide immunity to the enemies.
    During this encounter ISAC will warn you of Defense Mechanisms coming online, four players without the Aggro can quickly interact with the laptops on the inside of the center countertop area at the same time in order to prevent the Defenses coming online. Four Monitors will be at the four outside corners of the countertop area, denoting which laptops to interact with in order to shut down the Defense Protocol, requiring only one laptop interaction at first, and more interactions as the fight goes on.
    If the defenses engage then the miniguns must be used to destroy them before Boomer can be damaged again.
    If a player with the Aggro is on, or near, a Minigun then Boomer will instead charge and destroy the minigun, If both miniguns are destroyed the objective, and encounter, are failed and you will be reset!
    During the entire encounter Adds will spawn ranging from Red Riflemen to Elite Grenadiers. Rinse and repeat until Boomer is no more.
    Max “Boomer” Bailey boss loot Negotiators Dilemma Nibble Backpack Blueprint Wyvern Wear Didactyl Pad Holster (gear score 500) Military M60 E4 (gear score 500) SRS A1 (gear score 500) Gear Mod – Utility Protocol: Intensity (gear score 500) 586 Magnum (gear score 500)
    Investigate the plane Divide into two and go on both sides of the plane. You’ll see a set of three screens on each. On one side, all three will be gray. On the other, one will be green. The team with the green screen should call out which position it’s in. Both teams have to interact with the screen on that position on their side at the same time. This will start the boss fight.

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