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    Tree of Savior Leveling Guide & News of Updates in July 2018
    MMORPG   News & Patches   Tree of Savior Guides   2018-07-02 10:04:45
    Tree of Savior features my favorite musician ESTi’s product BGMs, so I love to play the game or just stand alone to enjoy the game myself. Nexon always make that kind of MMORPG to make their name, but they never verify the quality of publisher, IMC Games, Shanda, Tiancity are all rubbish company and ruined too many excellent online casual games before Tree of Savior. Although gamers believe they don’t, they are en route to end the game from normal running. All seventy classes are derived from four basic class – Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric, and Archer. I heard threads that Archer is going to death, and the game name has been changed by fans as Tree of Cleric. That partially indicated the imbalance between classes. But Nexon did nothing upon this.


    Tree of Savior is free-to-play, means you can meet all kinds of gamers there. I don’t have the experience, time and motivation to do something of the sort as a polished product/project but I’d gladly help if there are things I want to use/see and they’re missing. Not that I mind the pictures, but this isn’t the place for it. Do not be anxious for them, do your own quests is only right way to level up fast.
    I still remember the day I register and wondered which class should I choose – I finally select the Wizard cuz I love ranged attacking ability and fantastic casting effect. I’m trying to avoid R8 classes for now as they aren’t complete and some require lower classes to be covered first or will benefit from it, even Mergen is one that I’d like to do after a specific archer class. As this is the only request so far I’ll see if I can speed it up. Seriously, congrats if you are legit. But if you are not I hope you feel embarrassed because this post makes legit players disheartened to play the game if you are exploiting it. But the fighting power isn’t judged upon the classes’ innate stats. Wizard needs ally to protect them when casting spells. So impossible to win single PvP in ToS.
    And that my favorite gameplay. So I change my class to Archer, they have better manipulation and survivability and decent ranged attack. But I got wrong twice, they are lacking of DPS. There is just no point anymore. gave me the second life in Tree of Savior, without their help I cannot rescue my Archer from elimination. Enhancing gears sounds like the main challenge in this game already but if you can do this what is the point of even trying. Please vote on the following polls and tell whoever you know that plays the game to vote on the following polls. My wallet is empty but I got Cheap Tree of Savior Silver from this site. This is to show at least in some form the amount of people who use the site and are interested in helping keep the site alive or use the site and appreciate it a lot! My weapons is Replica Pevordimas Bow, a nine-stars bow, but still weak in DPS than other classes.

    ToS Character Panties

    If you want to recharge cheap silver, we are your best choice. Attack Ground: Decreased Cooldown attacks ground actively, and features no cooldown, Sorcerer can damage group of mobs or enemies by this skill quickly. Nexon grind on this game too, nowadays less and less gamer willing to spend money in the game to improve fighting ability, so the costume becomes another growing point in the game. Panties are talked everyday in forum, gamers post their female character’s screenshot to compete the most sexy panty. But we won’t report any of this threads, if you want to know more about that please move to Tree of Savior forum. 
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