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    Wolcen Act 1 Final Boss Edric Guide: How to Beat Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Edric

    You may have trouble in beating Edric, and every time you try your best but end up with losing. In Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, beating Edric boss is not an easy thing, this guide will help you defeat this guy with ease.


    Edric boss fight phase 1
    To be fair, you can literally stand there and auto-attack him in this phase if you are tanky. None of his moves do much damage and should not be 1-hitting you or even coming close if you have over 1,500 health. His moves in this phase are easy to telegraph and he has only one ability where he moves: a shield charge. He has one move where he throws a shield up in front of him and starts shooting at you. You can either just run around and dodge the bullets for a while, or teleport behind him and just start unleashing the fury.
    Edric boss fight phase 2
    Edric will tear off his helment and lose his shield for the second phase of the fight, and the soldiers/Alastors spawned before will be replaced by lost souls. Don’t worry about them as they shouldn’t trouble you too much. Besides his standard swings, here are the attacks to watch out for: If you’re a long way away, Edric will sometimes stop and his sword will shine. This indicates a straight shot in front of him. Make sure you’re moving to the side and dodge rolling when you see this. If Edric screams loudly, he’ll charge towards you, swinging his sword and firing his gun. Your best bet is to dodge towards him rather than away. Try to pass to his side to avoid the hits. Another tricky attack is a series of grenade strikes. He’ll attack in cones to his left, then right, then back, then forwards. The only hint towards this attack is an audio effect of his sword unsheathing. It’s not easy, but avoid being in the cones or use a last-second dodge to avoid the attack. If you can, dodge to the side that has already been fired at. Once again, aim to destroy his stun meter before unleashing a bulk of damage. Eventually he’ll take you into the third phase.
    Edric boss fight phase 3
    The third phase is irritating because Edric is constantly moving around and attacking toward you. Other phases tend to have a moment to relax, but this phase is rough. The only moment where you get a brief breather is when he’s invulnerable. Each of his major attacks is below:
    Jump Cross Attack: Jumps directly to where you are and slams down on his sword. This attack then shoots three damaging trails out in a cross around him. The direction changes each time he does this as it’s relative to where he jumps from. Shield AoEs: Edric does a Jump Cross Attack to the center and shields around him. Then, the majority of the arena is filled with explosive AoEs that are easy to walk around. He’s immune to damage during this ability. After the Shield AoE ability ends, a giant fire wave emits around him and can one-hit you. Dodge or teleport through it to not take damage.
    This is all you need to know to handle this boss with ease. I hope that this guide was helpful and that you can now beat the boss easily. By the way, if you need Wolcen Gold, do not use hack tools or buy unsafe products from unverified sites, Safe & Cheap Wolcen Gold only available on
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