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    WOW Classic Rogue Poison Quest for Horde and Alliance: How to unlock poisons
    How do I get poisons WOW Classic? What level do rogues get poisons vanilla? In this article, we are going to talk about the use of Rogue Poison and how to get them for Horde and Alliance.


    Poisons is an ability that enables rogues to coat their Main Hand, Off Hand, or Ranged weapon with poisons. When a poisoned weapon strikes an enemy it has a chance of applying a debuff that damages, slows, or otherwise hinders the enemy, depending on the poison applied. Poisons are considered a temporary (1-hour) weapon enhancement. Poisons do not stack with other temporary weapon effects such as a blacksmith's Sharpening Stones or Weightstones or alchemist's oils. Only one such temporary weapon enchantment can be active on a weapon at a time.
    Alliance Poison Questline
    The Alliance questline is short and easy, although you may encounter the problem of killing level 24 elite in the second mission. You will visit Duskwood and Westfall on most of the quest lines. Before you start, make sure you have at least 70 locks. Talk to Master Mathias Shaw at the SI: 7 headquarters in Stormwind. Accept the mission: Mathias and Defias. Travel to southern Westfall and talk to Agent Kearnen. Accept the quest: Klaven’s Tower. You will need to steal the Defias Tower Key from a Malformed Drone (level 23 monster near the entrance). Climb up the tower until you encounter level 24 elite humanoid. If your level is 24 or higher, you can lift Klaven without killing Klaven. Otherwise, kill him and snatch the chest. Return to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind. You can now buy poison.
    Horde Poison — Thistle Tea Questline
    The questline starts with the The Shattered Salute quest, which becomes available from Shenthul in The Cleft of Shadow in Orgrimmar at Level 20. After completing that quest, Shenthul will give you the Deep Cover quest, which requires you to go to The Barrens and use the Flare Gun in the correct location. If you do, Taskmaster Fizzule will become friendly and offer you the Mission. In order to get Silixiz's Tower Key, you must pickpocket him. At the top of the tower, you should find Grand Foreman Puzik Gallywix and his Lockbox, you must kill him (since he is an elite, take advantage of Evasion Icon Evasion, First Aid + Gouge Icon Gouge and Health Potions). With those 3 items, go back to Shenthul in Orgrimmar and he will give you Recipe: Thistle Tea Icon Recipe: Thistle Tea. Then, accept the Hinott's Assistance quest from him, which requires you to go to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills and talk to Serge Hinott. Once you turn that quest in, pick up Hinott's Assistance from him and use the Hinott's Oil Icon Hinott's Oil in your inventory and you will gain the ability to use Poisons Icon Poisons.
    That is all we know about WOW Classic Rogue Poison Quest for Horde and Alliance, if you want to get poison, you need to try these into practice.
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