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  • 500K500K

    PC - North America 1 500K

    7.73 USD

  • 600K600K

    PC - North America 1 600K

    9.26 USD

  • 700K700K

    PC - North America 1 700K

    10.78 USD

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    PC - North America 1 800K

    12.30 USD

  • 900K900K

    PC - North America 1 900K

    13.81 USD

  • 1000K1000K

    PC - North America 1 1000K

    15.31 USD

  • 1500K1500K

    PC - North America 1 1500K

    22.92 USD

  • 2000K2000K

    PC - North America 1 2000K

    30.50 USD

  • 2500K2500K

    PC - North America 1 2500K

    38.05 USD

  • 3000K3000K

    PC - North America 1 3000K

    45.57 USD

  • 3500K3500K

    PC - North America 1 3500K

    53.06 USD

  • 4000K4000K

    PC - North America 1 4000K

    60.52 USD

  • 4500K4500K

    PC - North America 1 4500K

    67.95 USD

  • 5000K5000K

    PC - North America 1 5000K

    75.35 USD

  • 6000K6000K

    PC - North America 1 6000K

    90.24 USD

  • 7000K7000K

    PC - North America 1 7000K

    105.07 USD

  • 8000K8000K

    PC - North America 1 8000K

    119.84 USD

  • 9000K9000K

    PC - North America 1 9000K

    134.55 USD

  • 10000K10000K

    PC - North America 1 10000K

    149.20 USD

  • 20000K20000K

    PC - North America 1 20000K

    297.80 USD

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    Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

    Bless Unleashed Star Seeds for Sale

    Developed by Round 8 Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the MMO game Bless Unleashed has been released on PC, Steam, PS4, Xbox One platforms! As the reboot of the 2018 Bless Online, Bless Unleashed owns the main gameplay, but with a graphical update, as well as a few other quality-of-life mechanics. Currently, there are five playable classes: Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Priest, and Ranger. And each class owns different weapons, armor, mounts and equipments! Enhance equipment obtained during your adventures to amplify and unleash your true powers. Also collect rare skins that many have failed to seize. Play with others, but stand out from the crowd.
    The game owns various currencies, including Bless Unleashed Lumena, Gold, Coins, Artifact Core, Artifact Shard, Soul Crystal, Victory Token, Warrior's Talent, Sentinel Credit, Artisan Credit, Court Credit & Bless Unleashed Star Seed. Among them BU Starseeds is the ancient Elven currency that is highly valuable due to the magic each Star Seed contains. BU Star Seeds can be used to trade items on the marketplace, quickly travel to teleports scattered around the world, instantly resurrect your character in a Near Death situation, and it is an exosuit health technology that increases the player's core health by 1 unit. The only way to get Star Seed for free is to exchange them at NPC in Carcazor City (You can obtain Star Seeds by trading gold to NPCs). There’s a limit to how many seeds you can get in a day though. So if you need more than just a few seeds, you’ll have to scour the aftermarket for some. The reliable game store offers Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seed for Sale, no matter you are in EU, NA, Asia, Korea, Japan or China region, we can meet all your requirements!

    Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

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