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    Apex Legends Game Guide: Players Want to Know How to Check Predator Leaderboard List

    There are a lot of good players in Apex Legends, and they are known as Predators. There is a Predators leaderboard list that consists of all of the best players of Apex Legends. Many players are curious about the top global players of Apex Legends, so they want to know how to check the Predator Leaderboard List. In addition, if you are looking for unique skins for your character, you can buy Apex Coins for your character to decorate special skins in the game. 
    Apex Legends is gaining a lot of exposure as of recently, with hugely popular streamers like NICKMERCS becoming addicted to Ranked Leagues. The ranked playlist on Apex Legends is filled with players of all skills, with ranks ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator.
    Popular Apex streamer iiTzTimmy recently went from Bronze all the way to Apex Predator in a 54 hour-long stream, an impressive feat. With that being said, many are now interested in seeing the Apex Predator ranked leaderboards list.
    Although Apex Legends Season 10 didn’t introduce any crazy changes to Ranked Leagues, we did see Arenas finally get its own ranked playlist.
    What is the Predator Leaderboard List?
    In real life, an Apex Predator is the alpha predator at the top of the food chain. The definition of an Apex Predator in Apex Legends is pretty much identical. Apex Predators are the best Apex Legends players in the world. There are 750 Apex Predators on each platform - PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. So, with the Apex Legends player count sitting at over 100 million players, only 2,250 select players are ever an Apex Predator at one time.
    Every Apex Legends player dreams of one day becoming an Apex Legends Ranked Predator, but that right is reserved for a rare few.
    How to Check the Predator Leaderboard List
    In order to view the Apex Legends Predator Leaderboard list, you will need to head over to third-party websites like Apex Tracker. Once here, you need to head over to Leaderboards, then Stats, and then All, and then RankScore. Here, you will be able to view a detailed board with all of the best Predators leaderboard lists in Apex Legends. If you wish to see the stats for the Arenas Mode, all you need to do is head to ArenaRankScore instead of RankScore.
    What makes things even better is the fact that this leaderboard allows you to further refine the players according to the platform they use to play Apex Legends. This means you can view players that play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation if you wish to.
    But that’s not all. The Apex Predator leaderboard offers a variety of additional features that users will be interested in. The Apex Predator list can be broken down by platform. This allows users to solely view the top PC, Xbox, or PlayStation Apex Predators if they’d like.
    Clicking on a player’s name will bring you to a detailed statistics page for that individual. A plethora of different stats are available for viewing, including the player’s total kills, damage, account level, and more. Furthermore, users can view which legends the chosen player uses most often and how their recent matches went. Lastly, some Apex Predators even have their Twitch and Twitter accounts linked up to their profile on the Apex Predator list. This feature gives users a streamlined opportunity to watch some gameplay of the top Apex Predators first-hand.
    When you have checked the Predator Leaderboard list, you also expect to become one of them. You can Buy Apex Legends Apex Coins in order to purchase suitable weapons for your character in the game. You can find cheap prices about Apex Legends Apex Coins on
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