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    Dota 2 Auto Chess Guide:How To Climb To Rook Easily
    Progression Guide   Rank Up To Rook   EX Farming Guide   2019-04-15 08:43:24
    Getting to Rook is a bit trickier in Dota 2 Auto Chess. So here are some advanced tips and pointer which should benefit players and accelerate their progression to Rook from we So, if you do need some help here, keep on reading. Also, if you are looking for Cheap Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy, should be your perfect choice.

    Dota 2 Auto Chess Progression Guide

    Economy is super, super important. Good players will win consistently in this game, even if the luck is not in their favor. If you are on the backfoot, you can greed it up and eventually with good strategy end up on top in the late game even with a bad start. This game is all about making the most with the situation you are given.It's oftentimes much better to sell units on the bench if it means getting an extra gold in interest the next round. As a rule of thumb you should spend whatever the first 8-9 rounds but by round 10 you should aim to have at least 10 gold.
    Have a solid lineup in mid before getting to round 16 is critical! This is when most people finished or about to finish their saving to 50 gold and start to punish weaker lineups. I usually start planning around round 11 latest. Depending on the units I receive from each turn, I might change the lineup upon finding a key unit that matches my existing lineup. For example, Troll Warlord/Dragon Knight in warriors/knights and elves/mages, do not get baited if it is complete apart like a TA in a warrior comp.
    Winning And Losing Streaks
    Winning or Losing streaks results in so much more gold. If you can get a 5 or 8 streak going it's crucial to try to keep it, even if this means spending gold on the next level or rerolling for crucial upgrades. We can Level up or Re Roll to help to maintain our streak,key indicator for me is whether I have enough 2 star units on the board. If a newly found 2 star unit can be added to the broad for more power, then not leveling up would be wise. Then rolling is recommended (keep in mind we still want to save gold, as no king rules for ever! so try to not level over 7 and only roll with spare gold if possible e.g. 38 gold, 8 gold used for rolling)
    If you are on a losing streak early it's 99% of the time better to keep it going until you reach like 50% hp or so. I don't think people understand that if you have an 8 win/lose bounty, you are basically getting 30 gold worth of interest per round, which quickly adds up.


    Positioning and Counter Positioning
    This is generally understanding what board states are good. In general you always need a frontliner, and you have to watch your back against assassins. Good to corner or edge your weaker ranged pieces. It's important to check the movement patterns of your pieces on battle start to better understand where they will end up.
    Counter positioning is useful when few opponents are left. This is about predicting how your opponent will position, and reacting accordingly in order to get favorable chess battles.
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