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    Evertale Lost Realm Guide: How To Do The Lost Realm And Maximize The Old Treasury Loot
    The Lost Realm is a brand new feature in Evertale that gives a boost to your Team's Power by enabling your heroes to receive stats bonus. The bonus is effective in all PVE & PVP game modes. Many players have no idea which one should i upgrade first, The Citadel? Or The Mine? Or The Hut? Or the other one? To help you out, our made up this guide to show you how to do Lost Realm.
    There are 3 general steps to achieve this:
    Collect Materials
    Assign your heroes to Ranger's Hut, Hellforge Mines and Alchemist's Chamber to collect materials. These materials are used to craft Realm Gears needed in the next step.
    Materials include the likes of woods, hides and more. When you unlock and upgrade these Buildings, you can collect more materials each time and unlock new materials or formulas.
    Explore Old Treasury
    In the old treasury you assign up to 3 heroes and equip them with gear to fight off the dragon. Each class has realm gear that the heroes can equip to gain realm coins and other rewards including a chance for souls tones of the heroes currently deployed. Also, if you are in demand of Cheap Evertale Soul Stone, you can also visit our
    All gear will add 5 minutes to the fight timer.
    Each hero can use up to a max of 100 gear which is 500 minutes added for a fully equipped hero.
    With 3 fully geared heroes it a total of 1500 minutes or 25 hours total time.
    Here you'll collect Realm Coins, which enable you to upgrade various Buildings, including Cloud Citadel.
    Use the materials you collect to craft Realm Gears and equip your heroes for their fight. The more Realm Gears you equip, the more Realm Coins you collect each time.
    Upgrade Cloud Citadel
    The Cloud Citadel allows you to empower up to 8 heroes its functions just like shrines and masteries. Here your heroes can receive stats bonus to boost your PVE & PVP results. The more heroes you assign, the stronger your Team becomes.
    The Realm Coins you collect from Old Treasury enables you to upgrade the Citadel. The faster you collect materials and Realm Coins, the faster you can upgrade the Citadel.
    You do not need to have every slot filled with a hero to get the resources.
    More heroes does not give more resources only their star count matters.
    Try to only assign heroes with the same star count in a building up to the star count of the highest unlocked resource as you only get the income bonus of the lowest star count of the assigned heroes.


    Additional Tips:
    Sending 3 heroes actually doubles the drop chance compared to sending only one. This means if you send 3 heroes every time, you're much more likely to get Soul Stones.
    System loots every 2 hours of trip. For example, a 2-hour trip loots once, a 4-hour trip loots twice, and so on and so forth. Each loot may get you 0, 1 or 2 Soul Stones per hero, and the drop chance depends on variables.
    Different types of heroes can be equipped with different items. It's best to send 3 different types so they don't compete for the same resources. This way you can increase elapsed time with fewer materials.
    This is just a quick overview of how you can leverage the Lost Realm to boost your Team. You'll certainly discover more when you explore the Realm along the way!How far have you gone in the Lost Realm? What else would you like to learn more about? Share with us!
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