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    FIFA 21: Title Update 13 Available Now on PC, addresses several issues and audio-visual problems
    On March 31th, EA has released the new update of FIFA 21 - #13 Title, which is now available on the PC. And this new update is going to be released on PS4 & Xbox One platforms on April 7. This update has addresses several issues and audio-visual problems, let's see in details!


    FIFA 21 isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s a well-oiled machine, for the most part, thanks to constant tweaks and changes. EA SPORTS has been on the ball with addressing issues and keeping the game polished in their Title Updates, and the latest one does exactly that. It’s not a game-changer by any means, but it fixes some annoying quality of life and user interface problems that stood out like a sore thumb. For example, ICON Moments 2D Images weren’t always displaying correctly on Player Items, messages in the news tile weren’t displaying correctly, and unexpected kit clashes were occurring with the No Room for Racism Kit. Fortunately, these have all been fixed, along with a wealth of other audio-visual problems affecting everything from Squad Battles FUT Coin Skill Rewards, the timer in the Kit Select screen, and Bid Status Icons in FIFA Ultimate Team to background player models being stuck on-screen, and more.
    The latest Title Update 13 for FIFA 21 Addressed the following issues:
    ·Some ICON Moments 2D images did not display correctly on their corresponding Player Items.
    ·Messages appearing in the News tile and its menus did not always display correctly.
    ·A potential kit clash could occur when using the No Room For Racism Kit.
    ·The end-of-match Squad Battles FUT Coin Skill Rewards calculation did not always display correctly.
    ·This was a visual issue only and did not impact the calculation.
    ·When a previously locked Objective group was unlocked, it could have still continued to display as locked until the player exited and re-entered FUT.
    ·On the Kit Select screen in Division Rivals, the timer could freeze for the player who confirmed their selection if their opponent was still selecting a kit.
    ·Some ICON Moments 2D images did not display correctly on their corresponding Player Items.
    ·After viewing the Captain’s Squad in a Co-Op Lobby, the background player models could remain on screen even when navigating through other menus.
    ·When accessing the Transfer Market tab on the Squad screen and viewing the Search Results as a list, Bid Status Icons did not display.
    ·A FUT loading screen could incorrectly display the default badge instead of the player’s selected badge.
    The latest Title Update 13 for FIFA 21 Addressed the General, Audio, and Visual
    ·Made the following changes: Added commentary lines related to David Beckham.
    Those all the issues and audio-visual problems that has been addressed! If you want to know other guide of FIFA 21, please visit’s FIFA 21 News Guide for help!
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