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    Genshin Impact Chongyun Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Team Composition

    Wondering about the best Chongyun builds in Genshin Impact? Chongyun is one of the few units in Genshin Impact that supports Claymore. The 4-star Cryo character shines because of his ability to easily chain elemental reactions together and boost allies' attacks. This is the best configuration for Chongyun to max it out, including his top Genshin Impact artifact and weapon. If you want to buy Genshin Impact Top Up to upgrade your game equipment and characters, welcome to to buy it.

    Best Weapon: Skyward Pride
    Alternative: Sacrificial Greatsword
    Chongyun's elemental attacks tend to be more impactful than his normal attacks, so you'll want to choose weapons that take full advantage of his strengths. While it can be hard to come by as a 5-star item (not to mention high demand if you have multiple Claymore holders in your party), the Skyward Pride is indeed Chongyun's best weapon. Relatively few Claymores incorporate elemental abilities into their attacks, and the Skyward Pride is simply the best option. It increases all damage dealt by at least 8%; and comes with a guaranteed after-effect trigger after a normal, charged, or elemental burst attack, dealing an additional 80% of the original attack damage to enemies in the direct path.
    However, if you can't or don't want to equip Chongyun with a 5-star weapon, the best 4-star alternative to applying a similar cryogenic boost is the Cult Greatsword. After the heavy cloud element skill deals damage to the enemy, if this blade is equipped, there is at least a 40% chance that the cooldown of the skill will end immediately, and it will increase to 80% when the weapon is fully upgraded.
    Best Artifact: Blizzard Strayer and Noblesse Oblige Hybrid Set
    Set bonus:
    2 piece bonus for Blizzard Strayer: Cryo DMG Bonus +15%
    2 piece bonus for Noblesse Oblige: Elemental Burst DMG +20%
    Alternative: 4 pieces from Blizzard Strayer set
    You'll definitely want to pick at least a few items from Blizzard Strayer's Chongyun set. This set specifically supports the Cryo character, equip two pieces at a time, Chongyun will enjoy an additional 15% elemental attack damage.
    There are several options for completing Heavy Cloud's artifact loadout. Completing the Blizzard Strayer set is a compelling option, as at four pieces it grants Chongyun an additional 20% critical strike chance against enemies affected by Frozen, and an additional 20% if the enemy is Frozen Critical strike rate. A tempting alternative, however, is to take a hybrid approach and equip a few pieces from the Noble Duty set - this will add a very desirable 20% damage to Chongyun's elemental burst attacks.
    The following stats and breakdowns of Chongyun's artifact are prioritized to best support this build:
    Circlet of Logos: ATK or Energy Recharge
    Sands of Eon: ATK or CRITs
    Goblet of Eonothem: Cryo DMG Bonus
    Substats: ATK and CRITs
    Best Team:
    For most Chongyun builds, a good team lineup utilizes the Cryo effect, whether using Pyro for melting reactions or Hydro for freezing reactions. The best party members of the Chongyun team are:
    Diluc: Excellent DPS and great melting potential for fast, reproducible reactions
    Mona: High DPS, high AoE attack, and the ability to lock onto enemies with Freeze
    Xingqiu: Provides a good set of defensive traits, as well as the ability to freeze
    Bennett: Healing and Supportive, and Melting Response for Good DPS
    Keqing: Keqing is excellent as the main DPS, Chongyun provides a solid attack boost and low temperature response
    Best lineup: Diluc/Chongyun/Xingxing/Qiqi
    For optimal team composition, players will want to have Chongyun in the secondary DPS slot.

    For the main DPS, Diluc will be the most beneficial as he can easily get the Melt reaction.

    Support-wise, Star Hill is the best teammate for any Heavy Cloud build; Star Hill's Rain Blade diverts, making it easier to freeze reactions (which increases the damage efficiency of Claymore users like Diluc.)

    Finally, for healing slots, pretty much any character from Genshin Impact's extensive list of healers will do. However, for players looking to increase their critical strike efficiency, Kiki or Diona are the best options due to their low temperature resonance when paired with Heavy Cloud.
    If you want to quickly complete the best build of heavy cloud in the game, welcome to buy Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.
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