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    Genshin Impact Game Guide: How to Obtain the Bountiful Year Recipe in Genshin Impact

    There are many interesting activities for players to take part in Genshin Impact. And they can obtain some useful rewards for their characters in the game. Players can complete different quests to acquire a lot of food items and the relevant recipes. One of the most popular food recipes is the Bountiful Year Recipe in Genshin Impact. Players are curious about how to obtain it in the game. Additionally, if players need to upgrade their levels of weapons or equipment, you can buy Genshin Impact Top Up to gain more XP or materials for upgrading. 

    What’s the Bountiful Year Recipe?
    Bountiful Year is a food item in Genshin Impact introduced with the Enkanomiya region in update 2.4. Players can use it to boost the ATK and Crit Rate of their party members.
    Unlike other food items in Genshin Impact, players cannot acquire the recipe for Bountiful Year yet. Five Bountiful Year dishes can be obtained after completing a quest, but there doesn't seem to be a way to cook the item at the moment.
    The challenge that players will want to complete to obtain the Bountiful Year Recipe is "The Key Catch." This particular challenge is located in the Guyun Stone Forest of Liyue's Sea of Clouds region. By finishing The Great Gathering's "The Key Catch," Genshin Impact fans will earn the recipe, Primogems ×30, and Immaculate Talismans x200. It is recommended that players attempt the objective with high-burst DPS characters, as the challenge provides bonus prizes for those who complete it swiftly. More specifically, players who can fulfill the challenge with more than 90 seconds remaining will receive Hero's Wit ×3, Mora ×60,000, and Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6.
    Bountiful Year boosts the ATK and Crit Rate of party members making its high demand very reasonable. However, unlike other food items, it cannot be cooked or acquire the recipe, the only way to get it is to complete a quest that in return grants the player 5 of the said food item. It is a four-star item that increases all party members’ ATK by 272 and Crit Rate by 8% for 300 seconds.
    How to Obtain the Bountiful Year Recipe?
    The only way you can get Bountiful Year now is to exchange the Dragonbone orb which can be collected as a reward for completing the Lotus Eater World Quest. You can do this quest in Enkanomiya. Afterwards, Genshin Impact players can sell the Dragonbone Orb to different vendors in Teyvat to get the food they want along with a considerable amount of Mora:
    Linlang in Liyue: 80,000 Mora and Bountiful Year x 5
    Majorie in Mondstadt: 80,000 Mora and Moon Pie food x 5
    Mikoshi Genichirou in Inazuma: 80,000 Mora and Sashimi Platter x 5
    Just head to these NPCs in their corresponding locations and choose the appropriate conversing options to obtain what you need.
    The Dragonbone Orb is a reward for completing the Lotus Eater quest in Genshin Impact. The quest can be initiated by summoning a ghost NPC. To summon the ghost, players have to visit The Serpent's Heart in Enkanomiya.
    Right beside the central waypoint in The Serpent's Heart, there are five doorways with energy sigils, and players must interact with them in this order.
    When players master the Bountiful Year Recipe in Genshin Impact, they will have access to make the delicious food items for their characters in the game. It will improve the ability of different kinds of characters during the exploration of the continent. If you need other good materials for characters, you can Buy Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals to collect them from the shop in the game. 
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