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    Halo Infinite Game Guide: How to Find the Locations of Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite has attracted a variety of players to join in the battle against opponents.It allows players to play multiplayer component in the latest update. Then, Halo Infinite offers players a much larger and more open map. Players have more chances to make their own way through the world Zeta Halo, like completing story missions or participating in various side activities. Meanwhile, if players want to collect other items in the game, they can buy Halo Infinite Halo Credits to purchase them from the market in order to save a lot of time on questing.
    Because there are more open space for players to explore, 343 Industries has also provided many kinds of items for players to find including Halo's trademark Hidden Skulls, which shows unique modifiers when activated. Players can also encounter other items in the world, such as audio logs that display the game's narrative, unique cosmetics, valuable targets, and others.
    Halo Infinite also offers players more agency with the version of Master Chief, who has access to make more customizable elements than ever before. Additionally, before players are able to upgrade Master Chief with better abilities, they'll have to find hidden Spartan Cores locations.

    What Are Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite
    It is the first time for players who are capable of upgrading and improving their version of Master Chief in a Halo title. When combining with light RPG mechanics, players can look for a special currency named as Spartan Cores while playing the campaign.In the game's menu, players can find a section called Upgrades which will display the abilities that can be used to improve Master Chief throughout questing. Each ability will have a introduction of what it can do and  how many Spartan Cores are acquired to unlock it.
    How to Find Spartan Cores Locations in Halo Infinite
    There are some obvious locations where can find Spartan Cores in each of Halo Infinite's main open areas, such as Lockdown, Connections, Graveyards, and Reformation. Although some locations are hidden for players to find ways to reach these places, players should demand some of platforming and exploration to find, others may show up during completing missions, even as rewards for saving up optional Banished occupied fortifications on the map.
    Players may expect to start by paying attention to swiping out Banished-controlled FOB locations around Zeta Halo. Once these locations have been liberated, the map will be updated with new points of special items, like Spartan Cores. They're displayed by small white arrows, and may demand players to look carefully on the map to find their locations.
    Next, there are 45 Spartan Cores to find in the Halo Infinite. Luckily, there are some ways for players to keep track of Spartan Cores. First, when players use the TacMap from the menu, they can find the exact information of the areas players stay in the game from the information center. They'll find the zone's name, the number of valor needs to be earned, as well as the amount of the items needed to find. Players can not make sure that which area is full of Spartan Cores, so players should check the map in the beginning of each mission to look for the best locations to find Spartan Cores.
    The other way is using Master Chief's scanner connected on the d-pad. When a Core is close to this device, this crate will be highlighted in orange. Players will notice that they've found one via the glowing green UNSC hologram above the crate. Then, the crate will blink timely and make a light chiming noise as well.
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