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    Here’s A Complete Guide for Marvel: Future Fight Tier 3
    Tier 3 Guide   Tier 3 Heroes   How to Tier-3 Your Character   2019-06-11 09:20:42
    For those who are confused about Marvel: Future Fight Tier 3, here’s a compete guide for you. Now,let’s dive in, shall we?
    How Many Characters Can Be Leveled To Tier 3?
    So far the t3 has only been applied to the most popular characters and to their main original creations. let's look at them:
    Cap America (MCU Leader)
    Iron Man (MCU Leader)
    Spider-Man (most popular marvel character)
    Thor (MCU Leader)
    Black Panther (Solo MCU movie, extreme boost in popularity)
    Ant-Man (Solo MCU movie, extreme boost in popularity)
    Deadpool (one of the most popular marvel chars and easily most requested)
    Magneto (arguably most famous marvel villain)
    ShaRog (premier original char)
    Luna Snow (premier original char)
    Mr Fantastic (one of the most popular marvel chars and very highly requested)
    Captain Marvel (Solo MCU movie, extreme boost in popularity)
    It's assumed Wolverine will be the T3 for the next update. He is the most famous mutant in marvel. As you can see, there's a trend here. We can even estimate the shortlist for current chars who are most likely to be eligible for t3 in the future.
    Thanos (most popular villain), Dr Doom (native t2 popular villain), Dr Strange (Native Tier 2, popular in MCU, solo movie coming), Hulk (MCU main), Black Widow (solo movie coming), Nick Fury (position in marvel means high chance of legacy upgrade).
    The rest of the roster may get potential upgrades, but there’s just a low chance of them getting T3 as it seems to go to the most important characters.
    What Are The Benefits Of Tier-3?
    As of right now, a new active skill with a charged gauge. Tier-3 Also increases your base stats by about twice its Tier-2 stats! See: Captain America Tier-2 base stats and compare to his Tier-3 base stats.
    How Do I Tier-3 My Characters?
    Step 1: Get your characters to Tier-2 and 20/20/20/20 gears for Native Tier-2.
    Step 2: Get your character’s potential by fighting WB/WBU to 100%. For each battle, this is earned randomly. You can get 4% or 12.5% or 35.7% or even 100%! Your characters just need to be in the team to gain potential points. Once you realized your character’s potential, this step is no longer needed.
    Step 3: You will need to raise their level cap and enhance their potential levels. Requirements are in the tables below.


    Step 4: To increase your character’s level, you need to use either bios or x-genes. Requirements are in the tables below.

    Image 2

    Step 5: Upgrade gears from +20 to +25. Requirements are in the tables below, work in progress.
    Step 6: Once you get to potential level 6, level 70 and level 25 gears, this will enable you to do Tier-3 Advancement! But you still need 4 WBU materials to Tier-3 a character, so you're not done yet!
    Note: Resources listed above is only true if you used 100% of one type of resources to increase a level. For example, 276 BAM OR 231 CNS OR 50 CCF is enough for level 2. The total number of 5,546 BAM is only true if you used only BAM (without CNS or CCF) to enhance potential from level 2 to 6. Considering how rare CCF is, it's better to use BAM as your main resources.
    Note 2: If you want to use less resources, you will gamble your chance. Should you fail, you will receive half of the success in the previous attempt. 10% success chance seems to be the best way to do so for a better long-term investment.
    Example: doing 50% success attempt rate using 50% resources, should you fail, would let you save 25% succession rate for your next leveling attempt.

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