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    How to Earn Gold Fast and Easily in Arcane Legend
    Gold is the live blood in Arcane Legends. Still stuck by not having enough money to even feed your pet? Or wish you could buy potions without breaking your bank? Fortunately, today we put together some extremely useful ways to earn money easily and fast in Arcane Legends. So, just keep on reading and here exactly what’s you need now.

    Gold Earning

    Doing Daily Challenges
    First, let’s talk about the most obvious way to earn money, doing daily challenges. There are various daily challenges in the game.Aside from the daily quests from the "pets" you see on maps, there are actually 4 Bard quests within Arlor that you can use as sort of a "Piggy bank." These quests give you Story Tokens which can be exchanged for items and pets. Get 200 of these tokens and you can get Colton, one of the pets that is well sought after in the game(+30 int, +10% damage and +5 mana regen,) and can be sold for a considerable amount of gold (as of this writing it is valued at 200,000 gold!) You can do the Bard quests for the Tokens once everyday, so that's 50 days for a colton egg. Another daily quest worth doing is the Hauntlet quest. It is basically the same as the Bard quests but this one gives Hauntlet Coins which you can also exchange for items and pets. If you are sick of endless quests and want to rush gold, then why not come to We are the cheapest online in-game currency store. Moreover, every customer can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO” at our website.


    If you are sick of tasking with endless quest, then trading is a good choice for you. To trade, you ‘ll have to go to Consignment shops (CS),the in-game shops in which player can buy or sell game items such as gears, pets, vanities... Etc. These shops are situated at main towns. To have a successful deal and earn gold, you have to keep track of item prices and price changes all the time. And the key factor is to buy low and sell high. Additionally, timing is also very important when you make a deal. You’ll make lots if you learn what sells fast and what doesn’t, and when to cut your losses.The faster it sells, the more you make. With AL’s system, the longer it stays for sale on the market, the more likely you’ll have to pull out and/or have to wait. By coming up with your own little strategy and sticking by it, you won’t have to lose your cool and make bad decisions. Do not chase your losses – I can’t stress this enough. There’s no quicker way to lose gold and look/feel like a ‘dunkey’. last, you need to be patient. Some items are “hot” for a certain period, and gradually go down in value over time. Look out for announcements, because any changes in-game probably means your strategy needs to change a bit too. Once again, you can buy Cheap Arcane Legends Gold at
    There are bunch of way of farming gold in Arcane Legends. Here are some recommended ways:

    1.Farm eggs in elite rook's nest, lost mage mines, nordr map 3 and 5 etc very rarely happens when someone loot egg without lepre/luck elixir in these zones.
    2. Farm rengol locks almost drops everywhere but best place is karken mines 3, some people farm it in karken map 1. And some elite zone like elite wilds/elite shuyal planar arena have chance for large rengol but drop rate is very low.
    3. Planar Arena : Talk to npc mage near stash he will send you to arena, from planar arena chests you can loot vial and fossil. You should have good rogues in your team or all dps for faster runs.This method of making money is most preferred for rogues.
    4. Farm Dragon Teeth in tindrin maps. Boss from any map elite or normal sometimes drops a dragon teeth. Elite and normal wilds are most popular zone for teeth farming, with 150teeths you can buy dragon bar which can be used to craft arcane ring and planar pendant or liquidate for gold.(no need luck elixir or lepre required)
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