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    How To Get Avacoins Fast In Avakin Life?
    Mobile Games   Avacoins Farming   Avakin Life Guide   Avabucks Farming   2019-03-12 09:21:16
    Everyone in the Avakin Life virtual world in our time thinks about how to easily earn multiple Avacoins fast without any pain so that they can level up fast. Most players would directly get in touch with the most special hack tool on online recommended by happy users and generate resources at no cost. However, in this case, you would lose the fun of playing the game. In this article, we’ll be presenting you some effective ways of farming avacoins without cheat. Although most methods might be grinding and tedious. However, that’s the challenge and charm of this game,isn’t it? Now, let’s dive into it.

    Avacoin Farming

    How To Make Avacoins In Avakin life?
    Generally saying, withour using a hack tool, the key factor of farming avacoins is to grind and grind. Here’s a list of all the methods of make avacoins in Avakin Life:

    1. Work at the 23 street cafe (max 500 coins / day)
    2. Top Up (purchase avacoins by using your real money)
    3. Complete TapJoy / regular missions (100-1500 coins / missions) the more difficult of mission the more coins you get
    4. Diligently open the free mystery box, you can get random gifts it might can be avacoins (5-100 coins) or other gifts
    5. Increase the level (100-3000 coins) the higher level you up the more coins you get
    6. View ads (1-5 coins / impressions)
    7. You can also earn Avabucks , a kind of currency earned by working a job in Avakin Life. Then Avabucks can be exchanged into Avacoins at the ATM machines in 23rd Street Cafe and Club Sundown.
    8. Avacoins can be earned by taking part in the Cafe or Bar job, completing tasks on the TapJoy Offer Wall in the Free Coins menu.
    9. Avacoins can be won from the Mystery Box, and Avakin Life social media competitions.
    10. Avacoins can be purchased directly from the IAP store; accessed by tapping your Avacoin balance.
    As you can see in the above list, besides the Tapjoy offers and in-app purchases, it's rather hard to earn avacoins. Jobs are extremely tedious especially because it relies on other people to order items. We hope Avakin Life would verify ways of farming avacoins in Avakin Life. If you are sick of such painful grinding process, why not come to for Cheap Avakin Life Avacoins? With a coupon code “5MMO”, you can enjoy 3% off. So, give it try! Here are some fantastic coins farming method posted by Avakin Life fans, and we would appreciate it if Avakin Life would add those method in the game.


    First, we should have some sort of maybe event or permanent fixture where we can run errands and complete tasks for a computerized player, in exchange for money/coins.
    In addition, it is also a good idea to add a bank to the game, where people can work as tellers and then other players have to come up to the teller/player and exchange their money that way. You get a flat rate of money (maybe 20) per exchanges. I think this would create a more steady flow of ways to make money because I'm sure people are always needing to exchange money.
    Another fantastic idea put up by player is giving player the ability to sell their current items to other players at maybe a 10-20% lesser rate than what they purchased it for in the store. Setting a fixed percentage will keep players from just exchanging items, or over charging for limited edition items. Or maybe an option to just sell it back to Avakin at 50% the cost. But this would also provide players with a way to get money for items they don't need anymore.
    Hopefully, Avakin Life can make some changes to the game currency system and allows players to earn more coins without hacking.
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