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    How to Play Attack Planes in World of Warplanes
    Here’s a guide to give you guys some tips and tactics to maximize your contribution to your team in World of Warplanes. Please Note: This is a attack plane guide. This type of aircraft is built for pure combat. With their speed and maneuverability, they control the dogfights and ultimately control the tide of battle. Now, let’s go for tips!


    Attack Planes:
    The TSH3 is a very good GAA, so good that I kept it to do ground attack missions for dailies in the low tier. The Bsh2 is shit. The Tsh3 has insane amounts of firepower. Especially small targets just melt. Learn to "hose down" entire ground targets, switching between the smaller sectors before they are even down. You can unlock a Bsh2 ot Tsh 3 with Cheap World od Warplanes Gold at With a coupon code "5MMO", you can enjoy 3% off.

    The pilot needs Demolition expert skill should be your first priority. After that you are somewhat free to chose.
    The rear gunner should take Quick reflexes and Armorer first. Another option is defensive fire, but the damage output of the reargun is quite alright and if you switch to the reargun to shoot down people that tail you, you will usually kill them before they can kill you.

    Equipment: Reinforced Airframe is mandatory. Then you should take rear gun stabilisation. The final slot is up to you. Do not take a bomb sight. You should fly very low, you do not need more accuracy on the bombs. Concealing livery is an option, but then you might as well take improved covering for more overall HP which helps against all forms of damage. Improved flaps are good to slow down even more, but you may run into problems when stalling at low altitude.

    Extra Tips:
    Know how the different cap points work. It's good to know how the different cap points work, how easy they are to capture etc when deciding where you need to go. Garrisons are super easy to capture and you'll be lucky to even get a shot off before your team has it. Airfields are a bit tougher so you might be of some value there. Rocket bases do not have enough defence aircraft to complete a cap, so your assistance there will be important. Mining bases have no defence aircraft at all, so you are the most valuable member of your team there. My point is, when deciding where to go, be aware of how long it should take to cap a base and if you'd be better off heading towards the next target instead. Also, you've got an enormous boost. Use it to get from base to base.

    Flying with friends. I've noticed that when I fly similar aircraft that my team mate is flying, it becomes easier to assist them. It mostly likely that its harder to drift away faster in the heat of the moment or that your flying in similar flight regimes so you'll always be closer by going after similar targets.

    Pay attention to a trailing aircraft. When attacking another aircraft always beware of a trailing aircraft. This happens to often, an attackers dives in on a target only to have a enemy on his tail within seconds. This is the art of the dog fight, knowing when and who to attack.

    When joining an existing dog fight, having the alt key on will help you see who is already damaged. Kill off the weak ones first! Just like tanks or boats, the less guns the other side has the better off your side will be. However if they are to far in or far away don't Zerg rush them, you'll only end up dead quickly.
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