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    League of Legend Guide: The Best LoL Champions for Beginners in Season 14

    If you want to be successful early in your League of Legends career, understanding who is easy to play is crucial. When you are a beginner in League of Legends, you should first master the core concepts of the game, such as minions, skills, towers, and various equipment. Then choose the right champion and join the game. You can also get LOL Riot Points to purchase Champions, Skins, Emotes, and Accessories in the Game Next, I’ll tell you which are the best LoL beginner champions for each role below, how they work, and how you should play your role.

    Best League of Legends top champion for beginners
    Trundle: The reason Trundle is so powerful is that not only can he slow down all nearby enemy units, but his Q skill can also steal a percentage of the enemy's health, armor, and magic resistance and turn them into its own for 4 seconds. It allows him to completely overwhelm his opponents in the early game. Moreover, it can also restore a certain amount of health to itself, which is exactly what an often-isolated top lane needs. Be careful to keep your Q skill at level two to prevent enemies from escaping. It is worth noting that you must always observe the position of enemies and your teammates on the map to judge whether to continuously attack the tower.

    Best League of Legends jungle champion for beginners
    Warwick: He is a juggler who is more proactive and capable of ganking in the early game. His ultimate ability, Infinite Coercion, allows Warwick to cover a lot of ground, and once he reaches level six, he can gank in lanes with ease. Titanic Hydra has become even more powerful since the 14.3 update. You can buy it to increase Warwick's damage, or simply equip him with multiple pieces of defensive armor. If you buy the right gear, he is nearly impossible to kill.

    Best League of Legends mid-lane champion for beginners
    Malzahar: During this season, his ultimate skill has become more powerful and has been updated with an item: malignance, which is very fit for Malzahar’s ultimate skill, because HATEFOG will trigger on each instance of ultimate ability damage dealt. Another reason why I recommend you pick Malzaha is that he can open two portals into the void centered around the target location, and allow the opponent to see the area in between.

    Best League of Legends ADC champion for beginners
    Caitlyn: Staying completely safe in the bottom lane is tricky because you are the focus of opposing shooters and jugglers, who may be watching you at all times to find the right moment to gank you. Caitlyn is almost the champion with the longest range in the game while she can also escape quickly. Additionally, her W skill can immobilize the enemy champion for 1.5 seconds so that you can give the enemy an empowered Headshot.

    Best League of Legends support champion for beginners
    Zyra: Her Q and R skills both control the enemy, which can create a good attack opportunity for the ADC. Moreover, her skills include a certain amount of spell damage, and the Q skill's damage range is very far. If the ADC’s damage is not enough to defeat the enemy, you can also use the Q skill to complete the final blow.

    Of course, in League of Legends, there are over 150 different champions to choose from. If you are not used to using the above champions, you can choose others. You can also Buy League of Legends Riot Points to get Champions Skins. They can not only make your champions more fashionable, but also increase the damage of the heroes.

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