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    Lineage W Game Guide: Everything you Want to Know About Lineage W and Brief Introduction of the New Lineage

    Introduction of Lineage W
    Lineage comes back with a brand new game. NCSOFT names the brand new game “Lineage W”. The new Lineage W has brought back plenty of the MMORPGs elements players have known from the former series of Lineage. Players will have a new chance to return to Aden and explore a lot of different storylines, they can also enjoy the intense combat when they defeat hordes of enemies and accomplish a variety of missions. If you want to win in the battles around the world in the game, best weapons and gear are essential. You can buy Lineage Diamonds to equip better gear or weapons for character, which can make them survive longer in the battles.
    Lineage W is the latest game in the Lineage Franchise of mobile games, which originally started off on PC. NCSOFT cataloged these games as “Korean MMORPGs”.These games prefer coding for games to placing the story. They don’t focus on the gameplay in Lineage, which revolves around lots of fun grinding and fighting against enemies in a lot of zones and locations.
    Different Storylines in Lineage W

    But this time, Lineage W will focus considerably on the story elements, in the form of four main storylines that players can choose, which vary relying on the character they choose. These classes focus on the specific fantasy character archetypes such as Monarch, Magician, Elf, Knight. Each of them has not only a unique storyline to explore,but also a whole host of unique abilities and stats, which will also make them play differently in the game.
    There are many elements and zones in Lineage W, which are packed neatly into a beautiful open world with fantastic graphics. Players can see the best-looking Lineage game, which shows by the details of the world and character models, as well as the wonderful animations and combat effects. Even the brilliant UI of the Lineage, which is overly stylized and designed to suit the game.
    Lineage W Gameplay

    The combat and general gameplay of Lineage W are similar to the original Lineage title for PC and mobile titles like Lineage 2. Lineage W will be a top-down isometric RPG. There are many locations from previous entries in the new brand game. For example, Talking Island, Gludio, Windawood, and the Elven Forest. Moreover, the appearances of these previous locations have been changed mostly.
    Seamless Real- Time multiplayer battles

    Lineage W joins Lineage M and Lineage 2M as another mobile title in the series. It is based on the original Lineage game for the most part with improved gameplay, story, and visuals. Players can become a part of clans in their own country or join international clans as they work together to play in the Lineage W. NCSOFT will not focus completely on their native country of direction of South Korea where the game has obtained large popularity and fans. Instead, they pay more attention to launch this game globally to a larger player base. 
    The game has already obtained over 10 million pre-registrations and players can now reserve their name on the server of their choice or pre-register. Pre-registration gifts consist of 100k Adrena, Red Knights’ Ring, Red Knights’ Support chest, and an Enchant Scroll Chest. Players can get them when the game actually release.
    If players want to improve their character quickly in the game, you can buy Lineage Adrena to purchase some essential items in order to upgrade character in Lineage W. You will find your character will take an advantage in the battles against enemies later. Cheap Lineage Adrena is sale on
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