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    Lost Ark Guide: How to Choose the Best Solo Classes in Lost Ark 2024

    Lost Ark provides players with a large open world to explore. Some players are willing to start adventure in group. While, others are fond of traveling around the world and collecting various items and materials in the game. So, do you know how to choose the best solo classes in Lost Ark 2024? Players can use Cheap Lost Ark Gold to unlock good gear or items for characters in the game.
    How to Choose the Best Solo Classes in Lost Ark 2024
    Berserker (Warrior)
    Berserkers deal great damage with their swords and a lot of their attacks do stagger damage, which prevents your foes from fighting back.
    They’re not the most maneuverable, but are at least faster than Paladins and Gunlancers while having a bit of crowd control thrown in.
    When they do get hit though, it’s not a huge issue as they have plenty of health. This means that overall they’re simple to play and succeed with, making Berserkers particularly good for beginners or casual players.
    The Scrapper, part of the Martial Artist Class, excels in close-range combat with heavy gauntlets. Jumping and stomping attacks are her forte, affecting nearby enemies. Scrappers wield numerous AoE skills powered by Chi, granting yellow and green skills for versatility. Expect agility, super armors, and AoE skills for crowd control, contrasting Berserkers in my opinion.
    This class emphasizes evading rather than absorbing hits. If this suits you, explore the Scrapper Build. For even faster movement, the Striker is an option. The Scrapper is beginner-friendly, mastering Shock and Stamina Skills easily.
    If you have played endgame Lost Ark for any stretch of time, you will have likely noticed that Deathblade is the most successful class in any PvE content. Ever since its release, Deathblade has been a consistent powerhouse that delivers during all phases of the game.
    You can choose Deathblade as one of your advanced classes if you start as a female Assassin base class. There are two engravings you can branch out into after finishing T1 with Deathblade: Remaining Energy and Surge.
    While Surge is near-unanimously considered to be the biggest reason why Deathblade is considered to be a peerless DPS machine, this comes at the cost of a high skill ceiling. It is recommended that beginner players go for the Remaining Energy route, which still deals respectable damage. It is true to the death-by-a-thousand-cuts playstyle that Deathblade signifies.
    Machinists/Scouters are one of the coolest-looking classes in The Lost Ark. They are a subclass of Gunner, a robot-like class that uses grenades, lasers, and drones to attack enemies from a long range, which makes them good at soloing. Also, every time they enter hypersonic mode, they get massive shields and huge damaging abilities. The gameplay with Machinist is fast-paced and has a high damage uptime, which makes it a fantastic choice for soloing because there is less downtime.
    Though every Warrior class is great as solo classes, each advanced class will have different perks that make them good solo characters. For paladins, it is their ability to sustain themselves during fights. They have:
    High health points and defense
    Great buffing skills
    Decent Damage
    Good AoE Damaging Abilities
    Excellent sustains
    Paladins tend to clear mobs slower and defeat guardians at a much slower pace compared to Berserkers. However, they make up for that reduced clearing speed by making sure that they survive the encounters. The best way to optimize a Paladin’s skills is to add effects that will either provide buffs like Swift Fingers or debuffs or ignore defense runes for enemies like Weak Point Detection.
    The Reaper class is a very mobile assassin type Melee DPS who deals damage with highly flashy skills. Reapers can be played as a burst-oriented class with a simple gameplay loop style (Lunar Voice), or she can be played in a more consistent, sustained DPS style to keep her gauge maximum and constantly refresh her self-buff skill (Hunger).
    If you like playing solo mode in Lost Ark, you can consider these mentioned classes at first. And you can also Buy Lost Ark Gold to upgrade your characters quickly with rare gear.
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