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    Madden NFL 21 Patch 1.14 Notes : Gameplay, MUT, Franchise & Presentation Updates
    PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   Buy MUT 21 Coins   Franchise Updates   2020-10-29 09:16:49
    Kinds of updates are continuously deployed by the Madden Team to satisfy players’ satisfaction. Lots of features were added to the game since its release in response to community feedback. When it comes to updates, Madden NFL 21 Patch 1.14 is on the smaller side, but it does come with a variety of gameplay updates, changes, and fixes. Madden 21 update 1.14 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. And the official Madden 21 1.14 patch notes are also released. the latest update addressed issues related to gameplay, MUT, Franchise and etc.

    Here is a detailed breakdown about patch notes.
    Gameplay Updates:
    Gameplay covers most of the content of this title update, which is a good thing.
    The trigger indicator for Set Fee Lead and Pass Lead Elite (the red flashing icon under the player) will light up correctly.
    Defenders' knocking catches out very late has also been fixed. 
    The window for hitting the ball in a normal collision has been reduced, which can fix that frustration.
    The bubble route in RPO matches can now be properly defended by man coverage missions.
    AI Pass-rushing has been adjusted in All-Pro and All-Madden skill levels, so when AI pass rusher wins the game, they beat the block sooner. 
    Left-handed QB will now run options in the right way, before that they will always run to the left.
    The 35-yard line ball spot bug has been fixed, and extra logic has been added for user-ball carriers to generate fake outs in Arcade.

    MUT Updates:
    Fixed an issue on the compare screen that showed the default X-factor on a player item.
    Adjusted the evaluation method of Solo Battle CPU team.
    Franchise Updates:
    The issue that users get a temporary ratings boosts for QB related ratings when playing HB is fixed.
    The problem that some functions appear twice in the edit player screen fixed.
    Fixed the issue of deleting the old High OVR Free Agent from the game before the user has a chance to sign it
    Fixed an issue where players received Morale and Legacy changes during pre-season

    Presentation Updates:
    The problem with Oilers uniforms has been corrected. 
    The Raiders field has been updated to grass.
    Both the end of Washington and the end of Atlanta have been updated.
    Captains patch stars and C's can not be updated correctly has also been fixed.
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