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    NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Shooting Badges Guide: Best NBA 2K21 Badges For Shooting Make You Most High Point Shot
    Shooting badges are very important items and can be unlocked in NBA 2K21 to enhance the capabilities of MyPlayer. Each MyPlayer can add a specific number of badges because they can improve the overall score. Choosing the most suitable badge for shooting in NBA 2K21 can take MyPlayer's game to a new level, thereby helping to dominate the NBA and neighbors, so players should choose wisely. Since most 2K 20 badges return in NBA 2K21 Next Gen, there are many options for you to choose from. Which are the best badges for shooting? This guide introduces the top 5 best NBA 2K21 Nest Gen shooting badges to improve your game level!

    The top 5 NBA 2K21 next-gen shooting badges can create a 99% shooting rate for you
    Best : Hot Zone Hunter
    If you are a habit animal, then this is the perfect badge for a shooter. If you tend to shoot and shoot a lot from a specific location on the court (such as the right wing), this badge will increase your chances of shooting from that specific location.
    Catch And Shoot
    This badge is extremely valuable for players off the court. In online matches with other MyPlayer, your teammates will most likely manage to handle a lot of balls. With this in mind, the shooter will be able to quickly shoot the ball in the pass and find extremely high value.Although most of the strong signs of the current generation have been removed, the "capture and shoot" enhancements have paid off for the next generation. Receiving and receiving the ball increases the possibility of entering a three-pointer immediately after the pass. If the set is run correctly, this will be devastating for both MyPlayer and The City. If you plan to run a great build, capable of shooting beyond the three-point line, then you will need to use it as a badge and at least have a gold medal.
    Range Extender
    With this badge, think about Steph Curry's shooting range for more than halftime. This badge can improve the player's ability when the shooter tries to shoot at a longer distance.
    In most cases, the defender will destroy any chance that the shooter will shoot. This badge can help the shooter by reducing the impact of the defender's presence when shooting.
    Binders are the new Deadeye. You want to have this product in the Hall of Fame, but this year you don’t need to be dumbfounded. When you keep your eyes open, please make sure to look at yourself while shooting, you may find that the dead zone badge does not pop up suddenly, it rarely pops up, it means that the impact of rejected defenders is reduced, and it will never activate . When you have a hood in the Hall of Fame, it means that the defender is closed in their perfect little royal vision and the jumper will suffer a low penalty, which means that when the defender is beside or behind you, you will feel as if they are not there There. If you haven’t tried it, this badge will pop up, just like one of those new badges you need to wear and try this year.
    When you think of using 2K21 for shooting, there will be various obstacles in terms of scope. However, anyone who desires to make an impact from the depths should now find comfort on the badge, which can improve the effectiveness of these attempts. If you want to become a hot hand from the outside, be sure to equip these badges and upgrade them as soon as possible.To get more valuable players or improve your strength, you can buy NBA 2K21 MT coins on We at always believe that the best service is the foundation of success. Therefore, we provide services to all customers with the most reasonable price, the fastest delivery time and the safest guarantee.
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