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    Path of Exile Legion League Challenge Guide: Defeat Delve Boss I,II,III
    Path of Exile Legion is live now, along with Legion 40/40 Challenges. Overall this league's challenges were usually pretty good compared to the previous leagues. As one who have justed completed 40/40 challenge, I’m here to share some of my thoughts on defeating Delve Boss I, II,III.


    Defeat Delve Boss I

    Ahuatotli has easy enough challenges that it should not be a problem to complete once you find him. I did struggle a bit because I could either fight him in a 496 depth city with poison on hit, or in a turbo, onslaught and power charge in depth 355, I tried the deeper one first but struggled too much with the high damage he ditched out. I then attempted to do the one closer to the surface and he happened to be easier.
    Defeat Delve Boss II

    Kurgal got some more challenging criteria to meet compared to the other two. The part where you need to avoid the damage from the obelisks as he detonates a total of 8 of them is easy enough. You can anticipate when he is about to detonate them and run to a safe spot then, just try not to do this challenge with a increased area of effect modifier. There are some safe spots you can stand in when you need to avoid his reflecting beam skill. I would recommend you use those safe spots since it is hard to avoid it when he firsts casts it. Avoid the beams from his empowered phase is the hardest challenge I would say of them all. Here again the are a few safe spots you can stand on so give those a try. Just watch out that you do not get obliterated by the end of his laser attack. For reference it mostly does lightning damage and some chaos.
    Defeat Delve Boss III

    So this is the challenge that most people would end up doing last due to the hard time just finding the boss. They did improve the chance of finding him so even though you have not found him yet, he might not be too far away. A good thing about his challenges conditions is that it is easier to tell if you failed them or not. This challenge has some conditions that require you to do this boss at least twice. This boss has 2 sets of 2 conditions that you can only complete one in at a time, but you can work on both sets simultaneously. This is the same as with Ahuatotli who also has a two conditions were you can only complete one at a time, although he only has 1 set.

    I realized that it was easy to avoid detonating crystal lights when I was hugging the entrance wall, but I think you could accidentally aggro the crystals if you are unlucky still.

    Avoiding destroying any of the Crystalline Cocoons was easy enough when I used flame dash and just went back and forth in the entrance corner as the phantoms shield charged towards me. I could flame dash after every two sets of phantoms went in my direction, and could avoid all damage while keeping all the cocoons safe. You can just facetank the phantoms too if you character is tanky enough, mine was not. Just be careful that you are not too close to a Crystalline Cocoon while in the entrance corner, because the AoE could still be big enough that the phantom could destroy a Cocoon.

    When you want to destroy all the Crystalline Cocoons however, the best strategy I found was to avoid destroying too many of them initially. This is to prevent him from doing his additional attack than can be quite deadly. Only when he is very low on health would you just quickly destroy all of the Cocoons in one swoop.

    When trying to not have any of the Crystalline Cocoons fully open, it can be a bit hard to know for sure if you failed or not. Just try to be in the center as much as you can while fighting him. You can also try to stay in the entrance corner when he shoots shield charging phantoms at you.

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