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    Pro Tips&Tricks for Solo FPP on PUBG Mobile
    PUBG Mobile Guide   Solo FPP Tips and Tricks   2019-07-08 09:16:40
    FPP mode has always been a paining ass for many players. To help you survive longer and get more chicken dinners, below, has listed some pro tips and tricks and provides you with Cheap PUBG Mobile UC.


    1.Before getting out of vehicle switch seats to passenger seat as you get a full 360 degree eye toggle camera.Also really helpful if you vehicle camp
    2. Adjust your sentivity of looking and scoping to suit you. FPP lowers your sentivities vs TPP. A small tweak can make a big difference.
    3. Use lean; you cannot TPP around corners but lean can get you a good view without showing the whole body. Just keep in mind the head is out so don't lean peek for too long
    4. Be aggressive towards people with cover. In FPP people cannot see around cover as in TPP. Use it to your advantage, rush a player who is taking cover or to pressure them if they're healing. They cannot see you coming and often panic once they realise where you are.
    5. Use closed cover more (e.g. building or multi side walls) as your FOV is limited anyway you don't lose so much advantage going into a build vs close cover in TPP. Open cover can be nice but you need to watch your back which without walls can be harder and more stressful
    6. Use vehicles for kills; as people cannot see behind them without turning around and you don't hear a fast vehicle behind you until it's too late some cheap vehicle kills are pretty easy.
    7. Throw grenades into directions away from you and them (or behind them). As FOV is limit drawing the opponents vision away even slightly can give you a free flanking chance.
    8. Use unusual angles/positions for attack. Similar theme to the others as FOV is reduced being somewhere slightly unexpected means an adjustment of view before the enemy can ADS. E.g Mirimar has warehouses with crates/boxes on ground and first floors. Just being up on a crate/box stack can often be enough out of direct sight for you to capitalise.
    9. Press people who have their back to incoming blue. If you are in zone and an enemy is with their back to the blue press them, they cannot easily keep track of you and the blue, which they cannot see. Might lose a kill to the playzone but one less dude to worry about.
    10. Don't stop moving, in FPP you cannot see much of who maybe around. Keep moving even when healing or looting as you never know who is behind you lining up a shot.
    11. You can frequently check your back while running by jump (this doesn't work if it's a upward slope), the immediately turn back, then turn forward, all done while you are mid air. So you will just travel a little bit slower, but you get to see your back for about half a second which is enough to makesure there isn't any danger close by.
    12. Don’t land in pochinki. you are gonna get picked off because you don’t see all the house windows at once,and definitely cant keep track of every one of them easily,if at all.
    13. Establish your territory and enforce it. Clear the houses so you know you're alone. Guard the hill when the blue is coming. Investigate the wedge between the blue and the next circle. Follow in behind people. Run in the direction of gunshots.
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