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    Smite God Guide - How to Best Build And Play Nemisis
    Nemesis is a very versatile assassin who can be built in many different ways. She can be played either ability based or AA based. It mostly depends on the enemy setup. If you face gods with good self peel (for example, Scylla), it’s a bad idea trying to box them. In those situations, it’s better to play her bursty, aiming to get in and out as fast as you can.


    Personally, AA Nemisis is strongest right now. People really underestimate her boxing potential with that passive. It's actually strong as fuck. Nems kit is too unreliable to be able to only focus on a straight power build rn. You're better off getting that passive stacked with power then use the abilities between fucking their shit up with basics.
    Here’s how you can build her: Warrior Tabi, Stone Cutting Sword, Rage, Deathbringer, Poisoned Star, Hastened Katana/Magi’s Cloak/Bloodforge.
    The purpose of this build is to blink in, engage with your ult, and box people before they can pop their relics or escape.During the early game, Stone Cutting Sword offers a massive power spike, and the extra mobility makes for some good early ganks. Once you get Deathbringer, you can try to pick off the enemy carries by going all in. Poisoned Star and whatever you choose as 6th item offer extra utility for endgame fights.
    The advantage of this build is that, no matter if your initial gank is succesful or not, you have a better chance to follow up without depending as much on your cooldowns. Using your shield correctly can allow you to box even a Mercury (provided he’s not overly fed).
    The general playstyle of Nemesis revolves around using auto attack cancels, regardless of the build you choose. Usually an engage against a solo target would be: Ult > AA > 2 > AA > Dash > AA > Dash > AA > Shield > AA. Given the AA build is better suited to box, you can keep the rest of your kit for the utility instead of the damage: Use your 2 for te extra slow after the ult wears off, use your dash to chase/disengage, use your shield defensively instead of using ot for the AA cancel, etc.
    Both playstyles are well suited for Nemesis, unlike other assassins that are only viable with a burst build. Try her out, but try to identify against which gods you can use the AA build and against which you can’t.
    Speaking of the shield, it’s probably the hardest thing to master. You need to know which CC abilities still protect the shield before removing it. You need to get a feel for when to use it and when to hold it. Things like 1v1ing Thor are a pretty obvious example (hold it till wall is down, preferably use it during spin to win) but apart from that it gets really complex really quickly.

    That's the end of this Nemisis guide. Hope you can get some ideas from it. For guides on more Gods, you can check our previous article.In addition, you can also buy Cheap Smite Gems at our website to unlock more your favorite Gods.
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