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    The Analysis of LOL Line-up Champions
    LOL Guides   2019-03-19 08:47:40
    In LOL, there are many different heroes with different effects when they are arranged and combined, adding many uncertainties situation to the outcome of each battle. So what is the usual lineup Champions in LOL? At following, three different combinations of LOL Champions will be introduced.
    The first one is rushing lineup, this type contains one or two champions who can go deep into the enemy camp to deal damage or control. They are the core of this lineup. In the group battle, they have to take the enemy into the back row, kill or limit the enemy.

    The Analysis of LOL Line-up Champions

    The protection lineup, the protection lineup often appears in the qualifying of the diamonds above, such lineups often take the ADC as the core, to keep the ADC development, and in the mid-term began to erupt the terrorist group ability. They often give a bloody C-bit treatment or a shield. Nunu can even add a lot of attack speed to the friendly hero. The Green Father can be slowed down by a small shield when you approach the C position. You can't stop looking at the blood or bloody C. You can see that his blood is recovering a little bit, and you will be killed in the quagmire of control skills. The core idea of ​​this kind of lineup is to protect the rear-end output heroes, so that they can output better. As for the enemy's back-end heroes, how to output them, you can control them, you can't control them, as long as you keep the back-team battles, you can win.
    The split-push lineup, this is the tactical system that the SKT station team likes very much. It is very flexible and can be used for both push and play. The back and forth control often makes the opponents miserable. The core of this system is LOL Mid and Topchampions and their combat capability is very strong. In the case of one-three-one push or four-for-one push, if the opposite is a crisp hero of AD or AP, in this situation, these strategy requires directly over the tower to kill and continue to push, not to come more than two cannot be forced to retreat, thus successfully pushing off various defensive towers, and the enemy is often exhausted.


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