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    WoW Classic Season of Discovery: Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Boss Guide

    Shadowfang Keep is a leveling area located in the Silverpine Forest of the Horde in the classic World of Warcraft. Groups of up to 10 players can enter Shadowfang Keep together. Its instance portal is located north of Burntwood Village. It's worth mentioning that while Horde players can easily reach SFK, Alliance players must travel long distances to get there. Cheap WOW Classic SOD Gold can help you get through Shadowfang Keep quickly.

    How to Get to Shadowfang Keep?
    Getting to Shadowfang Keep for the Alliance is a journey. Most groups tend to fly into the town of Southsea in Hillsbrad Foothills and then head west along the main road until they reach Silverpine Forest. From there continue west and then a little further north to find Shadowfang Keep.
    As for the Horde, players will need to fly to the tomb in Silverpine Forest, follow the road south, and then west until you reach the keep.
    Different from Ragefire Chasm, you need to pay attention to the Noteworthy Trash Mobs that you may encounter in Shadowfang Keep.
    Noteworthy Trash Mobs
    Shadowfang Moonwalker
    The Shadowfang Moonwalker is a werewolf-like creature that primarily resides in the courtyard of Shadowfang Keep. They have a noteworthy ability, Anti-Magic Shield, which makes them immune to all magic spells for 10 seconds.
    The key to dealing with Moonwalker is more about team composition than gameplay. Make sure to bring at least one additional melee class to this dungeon in addition to the tank. The extra two melees will do a better job of burning down the Moonwalker faster during the magic immune phase.
    Wailing Guards
    Howling Guardsmen are ghostly humanoids that can be found in the upper levels of Shadowfang Keep. They have a primary ability, Scream of the Past, which silences all players within 5 yards for 5 seconds.
    The trick to dealing with the Wailing Guard is to make sure your spellcasting class is at least 5 yards away from the guard (especially the healer) so that neither of you is silenced by it.
    Shadowfang Keep Boss
    Rethilgore is a level 20 elite werewolf found in the first room of Shadowfang Keep. Its skill is Soul Drain. Rethilgore is a tank in the truest sense of the word. His only ability, Soul Draining, is negligible. He also has lower health and a loot table commensurate with his difficulty. The only things you should be aware of are the mobs around him, 2 of which should be pulled away before engaging the boss. The one remaining creature is the Desolation Warg, which should be polymorphed or burnt before switching dps to Rethilgore. Defeat it and you'll get the Sturdy Pauldrons.
    Fel Warhorse/Shadow Warhorse
    Felsteeds and Shadowsteeds are level 20-21 horses found in the stables in the courtyard of Shadowfang Keep. They are a non-aggressive mob. Their skill is Fel Trample. These horses deal incredibly high damage, and pulling one of them will pull all three, no matter how carefully you pull the first monster. Make sure to polymorph at least one horse and have a Hunter or Warlock pet tank on the second horse while your main tank and DPS focus on the third horse before riding to the next monster. Your therapist should be aware of the substantial amount of damage that will be sustained during this encounter. Defeat it and you'll get the rare Fel Steed Saddlebags.
    Captain Deathsworn
    The Deathsworn Captain is a rare level 25 human guard located on the SFK Wall. Captain Deathsworn is a rare elite that should be kept away from the team as his cleave ability can deal serious damage. If you want to keep him with any crying guards, make sure to tank him at least 10 yards away from the guards to avoid AOE silence.
    Archmage Arugal
    Archmage Arugao is a level 26 elite mage located in the last room of SFK. He is the last boss of the dungeon. Arugal is by far the toughest boss in the dungeon. His Void Bolts deal massive damage, and his teleportation makes him difficult to target. To make this as easy as possible, have your ranged DPS stand on the platform when you enter his room. They should be able to DPS Arugal from that point on, no matter where he teleports to. Have your melee DPS stand there as well, waiting for Agul to teleport to their location so they don't lose the healer while trying to chase him down.
    I believe you can defeat them. Remember to bring enough WOW Classic SOD Gold before entering the Dungeon. Have a nice day everyone and see you in the game.
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