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    WOW Classic SOD: How to Maximize DPS on Your Rogue

    With the return of Season of Discovery, Rogues are getting some shiny new runes. These runes will grant them powerful abilities, which can be obtained by Buy WOW Classic SOD gold. Here's everything you need to know to maximize DPS in a level 25 Blackfathom Deeps 10-man raid.
    Best Game
    For the Alliance, the best choice in PVE Raid scenarios is always Human. This preference stems from the obvious advantages of Sword Specialization and Wolf Fang Specialization. These specializations improve your weapon expertise. So this reduces the amount of equipment you need by about 3%, saving you a lot on the cost of WOW Classic SOD Gold.
    On the Horde side, Orcs stand out as a versatile choice for both PVE and PVP scenarios. The extra cooldown, Blood Fury, and resistance to crowd control through Fortitude make the Orc Rogue a strong contender in a variety of situations.
    Sword or Mace Rogue Rotation
    First we use saber slash, slice and dice until we have 3 stacks on the enemy. If the enemy bleeds 3 times, use Evil Strike. And continue using Saber Slash until you get 5 points of Deadly Poison.
    If Sword Slash has expired and there are other enemies to deal with, use Slice and Dice. If not, use Envenom. As with the dagger spin, repeat this spin while keeping the slice and dice active, and time your venom to consume as much deadly poison as possible without limiting your energy. In situations where there are multiple enemies alive and alive for more than 12 seconds, you can stack Saber Slash on the enemy until it bleeds 3 times, refresh your slices and dice, then move to another enemy and repeat. Continue to bleed any enemy that survives long enough, allowing the bleed to continue for a period of time.
    Best Rogue Runes
    While rune and damage analysis is still incomplete, we can infer each rune's value based on how well it synergizes with your chosen talents and the types of skills and weapons you like to use. The Mutilation Rune only works with daggers, and is more effective if the target is poisoned. Mixing this with the Deadly Brew rune means you can use 2x instant poison on your dagger, and also use deadly poison every time you use instant poison.
    The Deadly Brew and Venom runes are still the best runes to use at level 25 from a team and PVE perspective. Rune of Mutilation only works with daggers, while Saber Slash lets you apply blood damage over time. You'll want to stay positive about your goals.
    Below are two recommended versions, depending on whether you want to use Dagger Rogue or Sword/Mace Rogue. There are many variations of these versions available. But once you're ready for dungeons and raids, this should be a good place to start.
    Dagger Thief
    As this article explains, hit rate is crucial to any Rogue's stat priorities. For this reason, we need to find accurate talents. Since we're not using Unholy Strike and Gouge, we put the first 5 points into Lightning Reflexes to improve survivability. 5 points of accuracy can increase the hit rate by 5%. In addition, 3 points of enhanced backstab increase the critical hit rate by 30%, which is also applicable to damage. For the last 3 points, take advantage of the opportunities in the Subtlety talent tree to increase the damage dealt by Backstab, Garrote, or Ambush skills when attacking from behind by 12%.
    Sword or Mace Thief
    A level 25 sword rogue or mace rogue will want to start in the combat tree. The combat tree also offers improved Sinister Strike to reduce its energy cost. Strengthen Sinister Strike, Lightning Reflection by 3 points, Accuracy by 5 points, and increase the hit rate by an additional 5%. After this, the next 5 points in the combat tree don't really give you any offensive gains, you're only left with 6 points. Therefore, we put the next 5 points in the Assassination tree into Malice.
    Here’s our simple guide to maximizing Rogue DPS in phase one. Follow the introduction above and you'll be fully prepared to tackle every challenge that comes your way. Cheap WOW Classic SOD Gold will make you stronger during the raid. I hope your raid goes well!
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