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    Diablo IV: The Best Way to Farm Midwinter Proofs Fast

    Midwinter Proofs are your primary currency for earning rewards and in-game cosmetics during the Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight event. Below, I’ll tell you how to farm Midwinter Proof quickly, how to increase Midwinter Tribute points, and the best materials to farm and convert Midwinter Proof.
    How to Plant Midwinter Proof?
    First, let’s talk about a few ways to plant midwinter proof.
    Attend the Blight Carnival
    The Blight Carnival event is a world event that you can find in areas affected by Midwinter Blight. Much like other zone events, the Blightfest event zone will have an orange outlier showing where the event can be resolved. During the event, some Midwinter Blight-themed monsters will drop Blight Shards. This is also one of the basic materials needed for growing midwinter proof.
    In addition to hordes of Midwinter Blight-themed enemies, you can also find and defeat Red Horrors, which we can redeem from Gillian for 1 Midwinter Proof.
    Defeat the Midwinter Demon
    Due to the effects of the Midwinter Blight, many midwinter-themed enemies appear in the snow in Kivashaad. Similar to Hillside, killing Midwinter-themed enemies will cause them to drop Blight Shards. A single enemy will drop about 5-7 Blight Shards, and 300 Blight Shards need to be exchanged to obtain 1 Midwinter Certificate. While the quantity seems large, this is the best item to convert to Midwinter Proof since there are a lot of Blight Demons in this event.
    Destroy the cold shell
    Cold Shells are destructible objects found in the Kivashaad winter region during the Midwinter Blight event. They pose no threat and destroying them will yield approximately 1-4 Lost Heirlooms. You can exchange 30 Lost Heirlooms for 1 Midwinter Proof. So be sure to destroy cold shells when you find them!
    Defeat the Red Terror
    The Red Horror is a boss you encounter while completing the Blightfest event. This is a new world map activity that you can play in areas affected by Midwinter Blight. After completing this event, the red-robed terror will appear as a boss. Defeat it to get the Red Cloak Trophy! You can exchange 1 Red Mantle Trophy for 1 Midwinter Proof. This is one of the best items to buy if you want to get as many rewards as possible during the Midwinter Blight event. Cheap Diablo 4 Gold is the best support item to beat it.
    How to Convert Materials to Midwinter Proof?
    After accumulating enough Midwinter materials, return to Midwinter Plaza. Next to Gillion, there is a crafting table that you can use to convert all the materials you just planted into Midwinter Proof.
    By converting these materials into proofs, you will increase your Midwinter Tribute level. It also changes the visuals and rewards you with more Diablo 4 Gold, armor, shards, and more.
    Midwinter Tribute Point
    Midwinter Tribute Points are a progression towards the Midwinter Blight event. Earning enough tribute points will increase the tribute level, allowing players to claim rewards after completing activities. Of course, the more Tribute Points you earn, the higher your level will be, giving you access to some different rewards.
    The best way to level up your tributes during the Midwinter Blight event is by growing materials to earn Midwinter Certificates.
    Since this event lasts for three weeks, you should have enough time to unlock all six rewards. But it does sound like it's going to take a lot of work to turn all those resources into a small amount of midwinter proof. You can also use your proofs in Gillion's event store to earn tons of unique Midwinter Blight rewards. So treat this event like any other event like Helltide or Blood Harvest, and kill any enemies you see.
    You might even find that it's easier to earn those tribute points when you get together with a friend or two. My guess is you'll get the most blight shards, so focus on getting enough!
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