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From competitive gaming to casting to becoming a voice of the community, iNcontroL is ready to take on anything. Known for personality as thrilling as his gameplay, he’s ready to help you take your experience to the next level with his exciting and humorous commentary.

Announcer: iNcontroL


Also available on:
  • StarCraft® II Starter Edition required to play.
  • Requires internet connection, Blizzard® Account, and Blizzard®® desktop app to play.
  • Announcers can only be used in multiplayer games.
  • English only (no subtitles).
1. We need to login your account and purchase the item for you, please make sure you provided us with correct Battlenet account information.
2. To help us login successfully, please turn off your Two-Step Verification. We will email you if there is any problem with login your account.
3. We suggest you reset a simple password for us to complete your order, once the delivery completed, you can change it back to you normally used password.
4. For your account safety and our speed of delivery, please DO NOT access to your account before the order complete.

Colorful Commentary

Choose your Announcer

With lots of unique Announcer styles to choose from, you can select the one that fits your play style or your mood–or just pick a random Announcer and hear what happens!

Ready when you are

iNcontroL will be yours immediately after your purchase, so you can jump right in with an even more immersive (or hilarious) experience. The choice is yours.

Herald your victories

With iNcontroL's encouragement, you'll be primed for a zerg rush, ready to send in your best marines, or all set to flex your psionic power. Whatever your race, your new Announcer will make your StarCraft II experience epic.

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