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This special bundle contains the Alterac Brew Pup (an in-game pet) and the Enchanted Fey Dragon (an in-game mount). Treat yourself to two new additions to your in-game pet and mount collection - at a discount!

Alterac Brew Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon


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  • Requires World of Warcraft®
  • Redeem code
1. This is a digital code item, we will send the CDK to your email box, please make sure you provide correct Email address. 
2. The item will be deliver in 10-30mins once we received your order. If busy will take more time to wait, you can contact our website online support or support email to check the status.
3. Please check this guide to know how to redeem CDK :  Click here

Add to Your Collection

Everyone gets both!

Once they're activated, the Alterac Brew Pup and the Enchanted Fey Dragon will be applied to all present and future characters on a single Blizzard Account. They will appear in each character’s pet and mount journal.

It looks good in every color

The Enchanted Fey Dragon mount exudes style—with a chroma-shifting twist. It continually changes colors as you ride it!

Always up for a fight

You can use the Alterac Brew Pup in pet battles, the fast and fun combat game in World of Warcraft that grants rewards and opens up daily quests.

Automatically upgrades

The Enchanted Fey Dragon automatically scales to the fastest riding skill known by each character. If they aren’t high enough level to use a flying mount, it will still be useable as a ground mount.

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