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The World of Warcraft®: Complete Collection includes everything you need to begin your adventures in Azeroth—World of Warcraft and all expansions, 30 days of game time, a level 110 Character Boost, and Battle for Azeroth.

Explore a world of fantasy and endless possibility... A world where you’re the hero of your own epic story and new adventures await you around every corner.

From the shattered world of Outland to the frozen wastes of Northrend, you’ll encounter deadly dragons, descend into ancient dungeons, forge unbreakable bonds of friendship, and maybe even discover the perfect fishing hole.

Discover countless paths to greatness, and forge new legends along the way. Join us and take your place among the mighty heroes of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft®Complete Collection


  • Includes Level 110 Character Boost only
  • 30 days of game time included
  • Internet connection, Blizzard® registration, and Blizzard®® desktop application required to play.
1. We need to login your account and purchase the item for you, please make sure you provided us with correct Battlenet account information.
2. To help us login successfully, please turn off your Two-Step Verification. We will email you if there is any problem with login your account.
3. We suggest you reset a simple password for us to complete your order, once the delivery completed, you can change it back to you normally used password.
4. For your account safety and our speed of delivery, please DO NOT access to your account before the order complete.

World of Warcraft

Create your hero

Build your own unique hero from one of thirteen player races and twelve different classes then rise to epic heights of power as you challenge deadly foes in the pursuit of adventure, glory, and incredible treasure.

Boost to level 110

Jump straight into the action and delve into the latest content with the included optional level 110 character boost. When you’re a new or returning player, you’ll be ready for the vicious next chapter in the raging war between the Horde and the Alliance.

Explore an ever-changing world

World of Warcraft is constantly updated with new adventures to undertake, lands to explore, and monsters to vanquish. For a change of pace, join the party at a seasonal event like Brewfest or Hallow’s End!

Form powerful alliances

Enlist your friends to join forces with you as you negotiate the vast, battle-scarred landscape of a world at war. As you progress, you’ll encounter new ways to test your mettle against the enemies of Azeroth, from five-player cooperative dungeons to epic-scale raids. Countless opportunities await to prove yourself and forge new friendships.

Embark on epic quests

Engage in thousands of custom quests, with more being added all the time. Confront Illidan the Betrayer, shatter the Lich King’s undead armies and much, much more.

Prepare for war

As a new age of warfare draws near in Battle for Azeroth, you’ll set out on a journey to recruit new allies, race to claim the world’s mightiest resources and fight to determine whether the Horde or Alliance will lead Azeroth into its uncertain future.

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