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Explore the Wonders of Science!

Break out your chemistry set and join Dr. Boom’s secret lab. Build gigantic robots, discover the top secret omega program, and harness the awesome power of legendary spells. Experiment with 135 astonishing cards to make your mark on The Boomsday Project!

The Boomsday Project

Card Packs

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  • You can only access these card packs after you have finished the intro missions.
  • You can also purchase card packs in-game using gold.
  • Requires internet connection and® registration to play.
  • Requires Hearthstone® to play.
1. We need to login your account and purchase the item for you, please make sure you provided us with correct Battlenet account information.
2. To help us login successfully, please turn off your Two-Step Verification. We will email you if there is any problem with login your account.
3. We suggest you reset a simple password for us to complete your order, once the delivery completed, you can change it back to you normally used password.
4. For your account safety and our speed of delivery, please DO NOT access to your account before the order complete.

Add to your Card Collection

Open them up right away

Your packs will be available in-game as soon as you complete your purchase. Just click (or tap) the "Open Packs" button in the main menu.

Contains at least one Rare card

There are five cards in each pack, and at least one card will be of Rare quality or better. You could even get an Epic or Legendary!

A surprise in every pack

With over 130 cards to collect in this expansion, you never know what you're going to get!

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