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Tap into the Hivemind

A cunning primal zerg pack leader, Dehaka has survived much over the years--and all of it has made him stronger. Though largely driven by his desire to collect more essence, Dehaka will form alliances when it suits him, and he stands ready to help those deserving of his wisdom and perseverance.

Commander: Dehaka


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  • StarCraft® II Starter Edition required to play.
  • Internet connection, Blizzard® Account, and Blizzard®® desktop app required to play.
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Youre in Charge

Lead the Primal Zerg

In addition to his own pack of ferocious creatures, Dehaka has allied with three other primal zerg leaders to form a truly unstoppable army.

Collect Essence

Dehaka harvests essence from his enemies, which allows him to grow in size and strength--and unlock devastating new abilities.

Devour Your Prey

A mighty predator, Dehaka can consume his enemies to briefly acquire some of their advantages in battle. Beware his wrath.

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