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    Final Fantasy XIV Guide for Leveling Alt-Combat Classes
    If you are looking for the best way to level up your job as soon as possible on Final Fantasy XIV, then this guide is exactly what you need . Thanks to Redditer “ u/Limerencee”, we know what the best options for leveling at the moment are. Below are the full guide:

    final fanstay xiv

    Leveling Guide (Assuming your main class is already level 70 and has full armory bonus)
    Do all the low level FATES near town. Feel free to smash the hunting logs as well for the very beginning.

    Squadron command mission -> your highest available dungeon
    Highest available dungeon
    Avoid level 50 story dungeons, low exp and takes long to clear

    Squadron command mission -> Sohm Al
    Highest available dungeon

    Highest available dungeon

    Squadron command mission -> The Vault
    Highest available dungeon

    Dry zone, suggested to do DR and get to 61 before continuing.
    Avoid level 60 story dungeons, low exp and takes long to clear.
    SB beast tribes

    SB beast tribes
    Highest available dungeon
    At level 65 onwards, consider queuing for MSQ DR for a less grindy but still good exp/time activity.
    EXP Multipliers / Boosts (Food, Buff, Armor Bonus, Rest EXP)
    Get as many boosts as you can in the list below, only Squadron Battle Manual and FC EXP Buff do not stack.
    Heat of the Battle II (FC Buff, 10%) does not stack with Squadron Battle Manual (15%).
    Rest (50%) exp is applied multiplicatively on (Base + Squadron Battle Manual/FC Buff)
    Food (3%) is applied additively. Food can be consumed twice to extend the buff to 60m (or 80m with FC Buff).
    Armory Bonus (100%) if level <60, (50%) if level > 60 is applied additively
    Friendship Circlet (20%) if level <=25 is applied additively
    Brand-new Ring (30%) if level <=30 is applied additively
    No longer obtainable - Ala Mhigan Earrings (30%) if level <=50 is applied additively
    Thus, the maximum EXP % you can get (excluding dungeon chain bonus) is:(100+15)% [Base + Manual] + (100+15)% [Armory + Manual] + 50% [Rest] + 3% [Food] + 20% [Friendship Circlet] + 30% [Brand-new Ring] + 30% [Ala Mhigan Earrings] = 363% or (+263% in game log)
    Additional Source of EXP - Challenge Logs
    Challenge logs reset every Tuesday. These challenges will auto-reward once the objectives have been cleared. As such, keep a lookout and try not to waste them by clearing these on your Lv70!

    Dungeons / Player Commendation
    • Feeling Lucky - Complete any 3 dungeons -> 15% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    • Dungeon Master - Complete any 5 dungeons -> 10% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    • Exercising Right - Vote 5 times in player commendation -> 10% of EXP of current level

    I highly recommend only queuing for guildhest as a tank/healer. DPS should skip these challenges. Only queue for the first 2 Lv10 guildhests for fastest clears.
    • You're the Hest Around I - Complete 3 guildhests -> 5% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    • You're the Hest Around II - Complete 10 guildhests -> 10% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    FATEs / Levequests
    Once again, I recommend only going out of your way to do these if you're bored of the grind. Or if you are at level 60+ with your dailies cleared.
    • Fated to Wander - Receive the highest rating possible in FATEs in 5 different regions -> 15% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    •Embrace Your Fate - Successfully complete 10 unique FATEs -> 15% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    • Just Leve It to Me - Complete 5 levequests with different leve plates -> 15% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
    • Making Like a Tree - Complete 20 levequests -> 15% of EXP of current level (Caps at Lv60)
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