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    Genshin Impact Online Fischl Build Guide: Best Fischl Artifact Build-Best Weapon Choice For Fischl
    Fischl is a mysterious girl who calls herself "Prinzessin der Verurteilung". She travels with a night carnival named Oz. Fischl is currently an investigator for the Mondstadt Adventurers Association, claiming to be from outside Tivat. She is a bold adventurer. Her theories seem strange, but the facts are facts. Through her unique abilities, quirky personality, and (though she would never admit it) hard work, Fischl has become a rising star among the fellows of the Adventurer Association and has won everyone's approval.


    Here you can find the best Genshin Impact character build for popular female warrior Fischl
    Fischl Best Artifact Sets
    Thundering Fury (Midsummer Courtyard)  (2 piece) Electro DMG Bonus +15%, (4 piece) Increases damage caused by Overload, Electro-Charged and Superconduct DMG by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s
    Gambler (Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern)   (2 piece) Elemental Skill DMG increased by 20%. (4 piece) Defeating an enemy has 100% chance to remove Elemental Skill CD. Can only occur once every 15s.
    Wanderer’s Troupe (World Boss Drop)  (2 piece) Elemental Mastery +80
    Bloodstained Chivalry (Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern)  (2 piece) Physical DMG +25%
    Gladiator’s Finale (World Boss Drop)  (2 piece) ATK +18%
    Berserker (Word Bosses and Chests)  (2 piece) CRIT Rate +12%
    Fischl Best Weapon
    Most high-damage bows and arrows can be used on Fischl, and Oz's elemental skills can also be used to improve Oz's effectiveness. In other words, the following are some of the front runners:
    The Stringless
    The ultimate Oz supporter. Mastering the elements, like the Song of Arrowless, increases the attack power of the crow. Considering the extent to which Fischl’s kit rotates around its faithful holder, this bow is the cream of the crop, and it’s not bad as a DPS option itself, but to truly maximize consistent output, you’d better count with your fingers. .
    Skyward Harp
    This special beauty. Skyward Harp is the dream weapon of almost all DPS bow and arrow users. The combination of crit rate statistics and weapon capabilities can increase crit DMG and provide AoE burst with amplified damage. If DPS is your only ultimate goal, then it is close to the perfect weapon
    For those who have no good luck to launch the excellent 4 star+bow and arrow option, Slingshot is really not a bad utility option. Like all 3 star weapons, it is easy to improve, and this special option does have Fischl's critical strike rate and the weapon skills of the same name, which can achieve a powerful automatic attack game style. Bow and Favonius Warbow are just a few examples.
    Fischl is an absolute powerful force. As long as you increase her high level and choose any combination of these, most of the time you will cause serious damage to the five stars. At the same time, please keep a certain distance from the bow and arrow. And even with the introduction of new heroes, she continues to be great. By the way, do you want to get 5-star characters in Genshin Impact? Why not buy cheap Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals at full of Qiqi, Dulic and more characters, fast, safe, 24/7!
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