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    Genshin Impact: 1.2 Will Be Launched Soon, New Maps And New Gameplay Will Be Unlocked Soon
    As time goes by, Genshin Impact 1.1 version is coming to an end. On the morning of December 17, Genshin Impact officially announced that version 1.2 "Chalk and Black Dragon" will be launched soon. From the name of this version, you can know that the protagonist of this version is not someone else, but the new five-star rock character "Abedo, the Child of Chalk".
    The news released this time is not much different from the 1.2 content reported by the inner ghost. I feel that there is really no need to read the official update in the future. The accuracy of the inner ghost news is very high.

    New map open
    1.2 The biggest change is that the new map "Longji Snow Mountain" is about to open. This area is currently a snow-capped mountain from the presentation. After entering it, a new state "Severe Cold" will be added.
    In the severe cold state, there is a progress bar as long as the health bar. When the progress bar is full, the character will periodically deduct the blood. Each deduction feels about 10%, which means that you want to explore the Longji Snow Mountain. It must follow the gameplay designed by Genshin Impact.
    There are mainly the following ways to cancel the severe cold state mentioned in the demo:
    1. The first is to find special scenes on the map, such as bonfires, candles of relics, and warm fairy.
    2. The second is to use some calorie-containing foods. Genshin Impact should take this opportunity to update many recipes.
    3. The third is to use some props that can bring warmth, such as the "exothermic bottle" mentioned in the demo.
    4. The fourth is to pick up the special prop "Deep Crimson Stone" in the snow mountain scene. After picking up this kind of stone, you will be completely immune to the cold. And some special behaviors in the snow-capped mountain scene will deepen the accumulation of severe cold, such as encountering snowstorms and swimming.
    Whether the mechanism of this deep cold is good or bad is still difficult to evaluate. I can only say how well Mihayou grasps it. If done well, this mechanism can greatly enhance the playability of the game, but if it is not done well, It will only become a burden to make the game more verbose.
    Honeysuckle Tree
    After opening the map of Longji Snow Mountain, Genshin Impact also opened a new gameplay, that is, "Lonicera Tree".
    When exploring the Longji Snow Mountain, you can collect a lot of crimson chalcedony. Using crimson chalcedony to enshrine the honeysuckle tree can increase the level of the honeysuckle tree. After the level of the honeysuckle tree is high, players can get it. reward.
    New Secret Realm
    In the Dragon's Back Snow Mountain, a brand-new Secret Realm dungeon named "Fendenir's Top" has also been added. Like other secret realms, challenging the "Fendenir's Top" allows players to obtain new holy relics. Judging from the name of the holy relic, it is a brand new ice cover.
    From the official news, it can be known that this secret realm may not be difficult, but the mechanism is very disgusting. It will be combined with the new state of the Snow Mountain version "Severe Cold", and the ground of the secret realm will periodically become "warm." "And "extremely cold" two states.
    When standing on warm ground, the accumulated cold of the character will gradually become clear. Standing on the extremely cold ground, the accumulation of cold will accelerate. At that time, the monster attacks in the dungeon are designed to accumulate a large amount of cold value, which is disgusting enough to think about.
    New event "Chalk and Black Dragon"
    The details of the activity task have not been announced yet. The only information is that there will be a four-star one-handed sword reward in the task reward. Obviously, the content released is not what the player cares about. But in fact, it doesn't matter what the rewards of this event are, the version event must be done, so everyone just waits for the update.
    According to the current intelligence, the two five-star cards that entered the card pool in the 1.2 Snow Mountain version have been basically determined, namely Abedo and Gan Yu. The inner ghost revealed that these two cards have recently been greatly enhanced in the test server. It may be two numerical values. Therefore, it is not recommended that you start the game immediately after the version is online. It is best to wait and see for a while, and wait until you confirm that the two cards will not be greatly weakened. The above is about the official announcement of version 1.2. As you are exciting about the upcoming new patch release, here in we have a great discount on Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals for sale.
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