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    Genshin Impact: Tips for starting the game: a forward-looking guide to the new gamer
    Genshin Impact is a role-playing adventure game. Attack mechanism: Each character has its own corresponding element attributes, attack methods, and element skills. Attack methods include basic attack, element combat skills, and element explosion (big move). Element explosion is Combat charging is required, elemental combat skills have CD cooling, and basic attacks are displayed differently according to each character. General magic weapon basic attacks come with their own elemental attacks, while basic attacks such as melee swords and guns are mainly physical attacks. However, you can enchant skills to transform elemental attacks and bow and arrow basic attacks into physics, and charge can be turned into elemental attacks;


    What should i do on the first day
    1. Prioritize the main line, complete all main lines and novice guidelines, search for anything along the way (everything is useful), and don't deliberately waste time collecting;
    2. The system will give away the 4 default roles of the protagonist, Lisa, Kaia, and Amber. Except for the protagonist and Lisa, Kaia and Amber are both tool people. It is not recommended to train them, but Amber is very useful in exploring the map. Can be improved according to preference;
    3. After completing the main tasks and novice guidelines, run the map! Fully open the teleport point of the Mond map;
    4. For the rough stones obtained from the exploration and the main line, you can draw the novice card pool, the discounted one, send the maid, or you can give up and draw the exclusive role card pool. The resident is not recommended to play, it is very deep!
    PS: The current version of Wendy is indispensable for the Krypton Gold boss, because it has a good ability to gather monsters, and the efficiency of killing monsters is extremely high;
    5. The resources that can be collected on the map are mainly divided into materials, treasure chests, Fengshen pupils, etc. The collection priority is Fengshen pupils> treasure chests> materials, among which the materials are matsutake, pine cones, poultry, and sweet flowers are the most practical!
    6. Take a moment to collect all the Mond Wind God pupils. Mark each one on the map and compare it to other people’s maps. If you don’t make a mark, it’s uncomfortable to collect all the pupils, and you almost have to run the map again. Search (for example, I still have 5 stars and I can't find it!)
    7. Which character is the best in this game? Is the five-star better? Except for some tool people, there are no strong or weak roles. As long as you look at how the lineup is matched, 4 stars can also deal a huge amount of damage. A reasonable support team to maximize output and survive is the key to lineup role selection!
    Elemental reaction mechanism
    The original god has seven different elements (thunder, fire, water, ice, rock, wind, grass), monsters and ourselves will be attached to an elemental effect, this effect will automatically disappear if there is no contact for a period of time;
    Such as ice element adhesion: reduce the speed of movement, water element: additional moisture; when these elements collide with each other, it will cause elemental reactions. The currently known elemental reactions are: overload, superconductivity, induction, Diffuse, melt, evaporate, crystallize, ignite
    Fire + Water = Evaporation: No damage is caused, but the triggered attack method will increase the damage the target receives.
    Fire + Thunder = Overload: Causes a range of fire attribute explosions, while blowing up nearby enemies, causing high damage to the shield.
    Fire + Ice = Melt: Like evaporation, it will not cause damage, but will increase the damage the target receives;
    Water + ice = freeze: strong control skills, freeze the target but reduce the physical damage the target receives, elemental damage has no effect, breaking the frozen target will receive additional damage;
    Water + thunder = electric shock: make the target suffer short-term continuous damage, and remind the creature to be interrupted when receiving electric shock;
    Thunder + ice = superconductivity, superconductivity will cause area damage and reduce defense effects;
    Wind element + ice thunder and water fire: can trigger diffusion reaction with the four elements of water, fire and ice thunder, which can transform the wind element into the corresponding element effect;
    Rock element + ice thunder, water and fire: crystal, rock element reacts with any element, drop a corresponding element shield, pick up the character to get the element shield, reduce the damage of the corresponding element;
    Map exploration mechanism
    There are a lot of puzzle-solving organs on the open world map, usually you need to complete the puzzle-solving to get rewards;
    Element pillar: You can understand it from the appearance, use the corresponding element to light up the puzzle;
    Crushed stone piles: The shape of some stone piles on the map will be inconsistent with the terrain. They are broken by the character of a big sword, and the back is usually a box or god pupil;
    Wind elemental particles: Appear on the grass in the big world, there are usually three, and the touch will surround the character. When three are met, an upward air current will be generated for a period of time. The particles can go to higher places without higher
    Faerie: The blue luminous fairy that I often see is very skinny anyway, pulling you to run around;
    Four carrots or others: sometimes there are some side-by-side things on the map, such as carrots or magical slimes, and you can solve the puzzle by knocking them all out;
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